Currently there is very little documentation about how we manage the Apache Conference web presence. At present this page is largely a list of things that need documenting, but as we document them it will start to become an index to useful info.


We should try and have some kind of commitment to news on the website in the run up to the conference - eg, posting an interview with each of the keynote speakers, one per week, a month out from the conference, or whatever. We can probably ask someone else (Prompt? Delia?) to generate this content - but if we don't tell them "we want to achieve X, and you need to give us Y to help us do that", it's not going to happen =)

Doing interviews is time consuming for both the interviewer and the interviewee, so I'd like to consider other options. Here are a few suggestions, most time consuming first.

After Conference Buzz

We should try to have some kind of commitment to keeping buzz going after the conference - twittering as interesting/popular presentations get uploaded (or saying 20/80 presentations uploaded today! kind of stuff), aggregating some of the blog posts, featuring some of the flickr photos, that kind of stuff. There are people whopost photos and conference summaries, but nothing official.


We should figure out a better way of getting the really important Announcements (CFP, and possibly one or two registration blasts) to various groups.

See Announcements

Website Updates

We should have a policy about whose job it is to make updates to speaker bios/abstracts etc.


  1. Get Aaron to submit the code someplace in SVN, so it can get more visibility and potentially some developer help. Currently the code is in GitHub

  2. We should do a small amount of documentation for the website CMS, so that it's easy to grab someone, give them the doc and the updates that need to be made, and let them get on with it. See CmsDocs

  3. I'm starting to think that once we have a little more functionality in the CMS, we can ditch the wiki. Or perhaps only use it for end-user generated content (BOF submissions, who's coming when, local food ideas, etc.)

Linking Strategy

The linking strategy of the current site needs some improvement. For instance, see or any other session

  1. The <title> tag for all the talks is simple "Session", it should be the same as the title of the talk, IMO

  2. We should ask the speakers to provide keywords about their talk, and these should be added as a <meta> tag, i.e. for this one <meta name="keywords" content="Apache Tika, Tika, Lucene, Open Office"/> or something like that. Aaron already has ideas for that: currently, he stores a taglist for all incoming CFPs, so the backend is almost there. We need to 1) design and then 2) implement the best way to auto-display these tags whenever displaying content.

  3. Same goes for a short description for each talk: <meta name="description" content="This talk is about Apache Tika"/>

  4. The url ain't so hot from a crawling point of view. Something like: would be much better, I believe. Sure it's long, but who types in the whole URL these days anyway? It could be truncated, too. Many CMS' have means for producing different types of URLs without too much work. Note that we need to ensure stability if the speaker changes the title, since we'll likely have external tools linking into individual sessions.

Additionally, items #3 and #4 apply to most of the other pages on the site too.

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