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== Its 2014! Cordova Community F2F ==

No hoverboards in 2014 but we have bugs and phones-a-plenty to fix.

 * '''WHEN:''' Jan 29th, at 9:30am PST
 * '''WHERE:''' F2F is always better. Please add your venue if you can host!
 * Adobe SF, 601 Townsend St, San Francisco
 * Google Waterloo
 * IBM, Research Triangle Park NC
 * Microsoft Campus Redmond, WA – Bldg 9 (3350 157th Ave N.E. REDMOND, WA) ask for Olivier Bloch or Parashuram Narashimhan at the reception
== Format ==

The first hour will be "structured" discussion loosely following the proposed agenda. The plan is to start the meeting in the morning to make it as accessible as possible to the widest possible audience. The afternoon will be open hacking time.

== Agenda ==

 * agrieve - Having regularly scheduled hangouts (e.g. first Wednesday of every month)
 * devgeeks - Security: Whitelist, Cert Pinning
 * brian - The situation with config
 * brian - Cordova JS refactoring options
 * drkemp - Testing and Medic
 * steve - Plugins therapy (time to discuss the plugins.cordova.io (steve) and any other plugin author/install/discover issues.)
 * shaz - iOS meditation (time to discuss iOS)
 * joe - Android drum circle (time to discuss Android)
 * Marcel - What is the next big thing?

== Meeting Notes ==

 * watch the recording: http://www.youtube.com/embed/yvyPg_4J94E
 * notes as posted to the mailing list by Michal Mocny:

=== Monthly Hangout? ===

 - Good idea, ML message to establish time

=== SSL Cert Pinning. ===

 - Android APIs are just not good enough?
 - Andrew asked the Android WebView team if there was any way to do this with existing WebView: no :(
   - We can write a custom plugin to do one off special type of requests?
 - Don’t embed content? Network cannot reasonable be locked down. Welcome to the web.
 - Could add a bit more cert pinning to FileTransfer plugin if we wanted?
 - Brian: Crazy alternative?! local web server proxy?
   - Andrew: We used to do this in the bridge. Other bugs make this not work. (Specific to 4.0?)

=== Configuration files situation ===
- Too many files?
- We don’t control the underlying O/S so we just inevitably have lots of files
  - Most of this is hidden to the user, though
- Some config for build (cordova-cli’s config), some for runtime

- Converting XML to JSON?
  - Current tools are tightly coupled with XML config editing
  - plugin.xml is already XML and we are *not* changing that
  - cost/benefit smells un-worth-it
- CLI hooks can help manage the platform manifests for those who want — but its an expert friendly feature
- icons and splashscreens
  - cca tool supports this now, Andrew has the caveats in his head
- Top level config.xml:
  - Add support for <platform> and <config-file> tags to top-level app config.xml?
  - Rename top-level config.xml?
  - json or xml?
  - Brian: package.json?
    - Will that conflict with node? Engine tag? Worth investigating.
  - SysApps *new* json based app manifest? Way too early to chase that.
- JBoss tools use a single config.xml on all platforms
- Lets move proposals to the list. Going in circles here.
- Short term: lets take another looks at the docs to see what need to be approved
  - But if the right answer isn’t apparent, no amount of docs will help

=== Cordova.js refactoring ===

- Ditch our own module format?
  - node package format with Browserify for concat?
- 44k vs 10k?
- Browser as a platform VS Ripple as a tool?
  - Goal of this refactor is full backwards compatibility with browser
  - Great idea. Plugin vendors can target the browser with a shim of their plugin this way, instead of ripple devs reverse engineering.
- Require syntax is changing to node-style
  - Anis using browserify with plugins’ js-module editing of the require statement in a preprocess step during prepare
  - Final artifact is a single cordova.js
- moving cordova.js outside of root of www

=== Testing and Medic ===

- Who is currently running CI
  - Google in Canada
  - Microsoft in Russia
  - (Ubuntu in Russia as well? — sorry I missed this)
  - IBM has had it for a while, but fallen off the radar a bit (thought they will recover that)
- Bits and pieces have changed. Need newest versions.
- CI to use less magic, use more cordova-cli commands
- Microsoft wants a way to report when the windows platform breaks
- Marcel wants a way to test on a huge suite of platforms and devices, after testing on a small set of devices locally
- Buildbot is running medic in order to group sets of commits together
- Microsoft not running buildbot, just medic directly
  - We ran in to issues with buildbot on !linux as well. You can run BB master on linux and have all build slaves on other platforms, even in a VM.
  - Biggest issue is that the test suite crashes hard and CI needs poking if tests fail (sometimes)
- No shared master at this point for security reasons. (Adobe and Google and Apache have not followed through with hopes of supplying a common machine for this, yet)
  - Instead, lets work on a common reporting mechanism.
  - Right now: manually emailing the list when you notice something locally. You should do this too if you have CI running on your platform.
- ios-deploy is borked. Shaz is investigating.
  - Still using FruitStrap. Recently updated to use lldb (as of Xcode 5), and that part of the problem.
  - Xcode can deploy as long as we make your app into a unit test. Sounds crazy.. but worth investigating?
  - appium from selenium guys as an alternative?
    - emulators only atm, but they promise devices?
    - iOS and android only
    - Also supports user actions like button presses.
- New MobileSpec:
  - jasmine-2 launched!
  - Last year at face2face a bunch of people contributed
  - cdvtest branch on various plugins and cordova-labs repo
  - No manual tests support yet, working on that in near future

=== Plugin Repo ===

- Nodejitsu just lost most plugins :(
  - iris couch?
- Do we migrate to host anywhere else?
- Apache server to host ourselves?
- Set up our own couch db as replication
- Migrating to cloudant?
- Steven has been working on redesign of the website!
  - Angular for fronted! Topcoat! Flexbox Grid, mobile first!
  - Missing Search, downloads
  - Demo time!
    - Repo, issue tracker links integrated
  - Getting Started instructions going to be improved so we can run it locally
    - Steven will walk you through if you want to pitch in!
  - Its a couch app! Will run inside the DB. Run on the same server as cordova.apache.org?

=== <resource-file> ===
- <resource-file> tag available for iOS but not Android, wth?
  - Someone already patched this!
  - Joe used to use <source-file> for this, why did we need a new tag?
    - Anyway.. we are using it now.

=== iOS ===

- Not much going on, Shaz triaged for 3.4 release
- New features like multitasking support for ios7 in the pipeline
- keyboard / status bar plugin most of the work recently
- CLI run command big deal
- Apple: new guidelines for app store for Feb 1st
  - Xcode 5 is now required.
- Do we want to support arm64? (yes..?)
- Remove support for iOS5? (yes..? but IBM will still test it for a while)
- JIRA Bugreport to move to using Xcode workspaces..
  - no one has any experience here

=== Android ===

- Security vulnerability with whitelists
  - Need to respond to the guys who found the vulnerability and handle the situation
  - Blogpost to our users
  - Publish better guidance overall, as per earlier conversation
- Camera plugin
  - Not working on KK :(
  - Bug where File picker is returning a file URL which it (webview?) cannot consume
    - Andrew wants to investigate and poke Android team
  - Fix the issue with a MAJOR version bump of plugin which is not compatible.
    - See how crazy users consider that.
    - Useful to have a plugin website that supports multiple versions
- KitKat issues:
  - Key Events
  - Canvas is slow, software mode, bad viewport tags can make it a lot worse than it is
  - KK WebView is not up-dateable yet, but they are working on it.
  - CrossWalk has an up-dateable webview
- Instantiating CordovaWebView not from main Activity, but manually after some delay for whatever reason?
  - Bunch of talk on this.. There are patches that begin to address this..

Will put up for review. Sounds good.

=== Windows Phone ===
- No issues
- Next Release:
  - Currently no way to load binary assets (DLL plugins etc). Jesse plans to support this
  - Adobe folk getting WP8 devices, lumia 520

=== BlackBerry ===
- All Good.

=== FireFoxOS ===
- No one here for F2F
- Pulling in support for plugins

=== Ubuntu ===
- Active, working towards success.

=== 3.4 Release ===
- rc out this week
- npm issues!
  - What do we do? Publish under a different name?
  - cordova-cli (and titanium, lol) pushed on a bad day and we have a bad profile now, Isaac needs to manually fix this
    - Brian to poke him
  - npm.. is going through interesting times

=== ApacheCon ===
- Audience is quite enterprise. Expensive.
- “HadoopCon”
- Apache recognizes that Cordova and Couch are breathing new life into Apache

=== Next Big Thing: ===
- Switching WebView’s (specifically Android)
  - CrossWalk, FireOS, GeckoView…
- App Harness
- MORE on CLI tools, not nearly done here
  - Make it easier to be “correct” and end-to-end
  - platform / plugins as artifacts, for real
  - Even more sharing / compatibility between downstream wrappers (cca, phonegap, work light)
- Plugins Website up
- Browser as a platform
- Guidance on app design
  - Alloy, based on angular, just for cordova
  - Web Components?
  - Yeoman

(Last note: CLI template command on BB vs copy-from and link-to)