Its 2014! Cordova Community F2F

No hoverboards in 2014 but we have bugs and phones-a-plenty to fix.


The first hour will be "structured" discussion loosely following the proposed agenda. The plan is to start the meeting in the morning to make it as accessible as possible to the widest possible audience. The afternoon will be open hacking time.


Meeting Notes

Monthly Hangout?

SSL Cert Pinning.

Configuration files situation

- Too many files? - We don’t control the underlying O/S so we just inevitably have lots of files

- Some config for build (cordova-cli’s config), some for runtime

(config.xml) - Converting XML to JSON?

- CLI hooks can help manage the platform manifests for those who want — but its an expert friendly feature - icons and splashscreens

- Top level config.xml:

- JBoss tools use a single config.xml on all platforms - Lets move proposals to the list. Going in circles here. - Short term: lets take another looks at the docs to see what need to be approved

Cordova.js refactoring

- Ditch our own module format?

- 44k vs 10k? - Browser as a platform VS Ripple as a tool?

- Require syntax is changing to node-style

- moving cordova.js outside of root of www

Testing and Medic

- Who is currently running CI

- Bits and pieces have changed. Need newest versions. - CI to use less magic, use more cordova-cli commands - Microsoft wants a way to report when the windows platform breaks - Marcel wants a way to test on a huge suite of platforms and devices, after testing on a small set of devices locally - Buildbot is running medic in order to group sets of commits together - Microsoft not running buildbot, just medic directly

- No shared master at this point for security reasons. (Adobe and Google and Apache have not followed through with hopes of supplying a common machine for this, yet)

- ios-deploy is borked. Shaz is investigating.

- New MobileSpec:

Plugin Repo

- Nodejitsu just lost most plugins :(

- Do we migrate to host anywhere else? - Apache server to host ourselves? - Set up our own couch db as replication - Migrating to cloudant? - Steven has been working on redesign of the website!


- <resource-file> tag available for iOS but not Android, wth?


- Not much going on, Shaz triaged for 3.4 release - New features like multitasking support for ios7 in the pipeline - keyboard / status bar plugin most of the work recently - CLI run command big deal - Apple: new guidelines for app store for Feb 1st

- Do we want to support arm64? (yes..?) - Remove support for iOS5? (yes..? but IBM will still test it for a while) - JIRA Bugreport to move to using Xcode workspaces..


- Security vulnerability with whitelists

- Camera plugin

- KitKat issues:

- Instantiating CordovaWebView not from main Activity, but manually after some delay for whatever reason?

Will put up for review. Sounds good.

Windows Phone

- No issues - Next Release:


- All Good.


- No one here for F2F - Pulling in support for plugins


- Active, working towards success.

3.4 Release

- rc out this week - npm issues!


- Audience is quite enterprise. Expensive. - “HadoopCon- Apache recognizes that Cordova and Couch are breathing new life into Apache

Next Big Thing:

- Switching WebView’s (specifically Android)

- App Harness - MORE on CLI tools, not nearly done here

- Plugins Website up - Browser as a platform - Guidance on app design

(Last note: CLI template command on BB vs copy-from and link-to)

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