Contributor vs Committer

Being a contributor is where new members start. A contributor makes contributions to Cordova, but those contributions must be reviewed and applied to the repositories by someone who has write access directly to the repositories - the committers. Contributors have read access and can submit requests for code changes, but those requests are handled by committers. Contributors do not have write access to the repositories. The project needs contributors, and every committer started as a contributor. You do not need to be a committer to make valuable and important contributions to the project - contributors can do that. A request for a code change is called a "pull request", as it is a request for a committer to pull in the contributor's changes.

After a contributor has established a track record of quality changes and understanding, they can request to be a committer. A committer has write access directly to the repositories, so their changes hit the stream immediately. Committers also process pull requests from contributors. They also review and address unresolved Jira items. And they participate in discussions on the mailing list. Steady growth of committers is considered an indicator of good health in a project. If you are going to be in the community for the long term and submit ongoing code changes, you should consider becoming a committer. It's easier than you think.

Becoming A Committer

Voting In a New Committer

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