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= XML files =

== app config.xml ==
 * Top-level configuration for a CLI project: start page, app name, splash screens, etc.
 * CLI only
 * Written by: users
 * Read by: CLI, Plugman

== platform config.xml ==
`$PROJECT/platforms/<platform>/.../config.xml` (or `$NATIVEPROJECT/.../config.xml` for Plugman-only).
 * Final configuration loaded by the native code at runtime.
 * Written by: Plugman during prepare step
 * Read by: Native platforms
 * Automatically generated

== accidental dummy platform config.xml ==
 * Dummy config.xml, a copy of the top-level app config.xml above.
   This is an accident of how CLI copies the www/ directory and should be ignored.

== defaults for platform config.xml ==
 * Default configuration values for each platform.
 * Used by CLI and Plugman as the basis for building the platform config.xml
   above: the final platform config.xml = defaults.xml + plugin changes + app config.xml changes.
 * CLI only (present but ignored by Plugman-only projects)
 * Written by: Cordova platform developers
 * Read by: Plugman, CLI

== Plugin plugin.xml ==
 * Specifies various bits of metadata about a plugin.
 * Written by: plugin authors
 * Read by: Plugman, CLI

= Other metadata files =

== Installed Plugins and dependencies for platform json ==
 * Metadata about what plugins are installed (top-level or as dependencies) on this platform, and what config-file changes have been made.
 * Written by: Plugman
 * Read by: Plugman

== Project config.json ==
 * Project-specific configuration for CLI. Sets the project name, as well as allowing users to override where libraries (like cordova-android, cordova-ios, etc.) are lazy-loaded from (local disk, different versions, etc.)
 * CLI only
 * Written by: cordova create (template), users (edits)
 * Read by: CLI

== Cordova user config.json ==
 * Global configuration for CLI. Same format as config.json above.
 * CLI only
 * Written by: CLI (template), users (edits)
 * Ready by: CLI

== Cordova Plugman user config ==
 * Global configuration for Plugman. Stores username and auth tokens for "plugman publish", etc.
 * Written by: Plugman, users (if they want to override the plugin repo to not be http://registry.cordova.io
 * Read by: Plugman

= Not Documented =
 * Android's AndroidManifest.xml
 * iOS's plist files
 * other platform-specific files.

= Footer =
From [[http://markmail.org/message/d6s6kszlz4tk4rs7|summary of research by Braden and Anis]]