Supported Platforms

The following host platforms are supported, if you aren't on one of them, things may work, or they may not. If they do, please feel free to update this list. If things don't work on a supported platform, please File a bug.

Setting up Cordova


  1. Git

  2. Node.js


Retrieving Cordova sources

git clone
cd cordova-coho
npm install
cd ..
node cordova-coho/coho repo-clone -r cli -r js -r plugman -r plugins -r mobile-spec
cd cordova-cli
npm install
cd ..
node cordova-coho/coho repo-clone -r active-platform

Using active-platform will install the main Cordova platforms. There are a number of magic .values for repo-clone, see cordova-coho/coho list-repos for a complete list. You can add additional/substitute platforms by listing each platform after an -r as in -r ios after/in place of -r active-platform.

At this point, you should have a number of git repositories, all similar.

Set up Github remote

If you'd like to be able to push to github, you can set up a github remote by doing the following, where $USER is your username.

cordova-coho/coho foreach "git remote add github$USER/\\\$(basename \\\$(pwd))"

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