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Mailing list decided to move to async api and unify.
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We may wish to consider implementing: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/pagevisibility/intro/ for pause,resume,etc

Core API Audit

Good software,like a garden, needs maintenance. The Cordova Core API has a few weeds that need pulling!



No action required.



leave be but is this not covered by deviceorientation?


leave be (work in sysapps will replace this)



  • /!\ deprecated and move this gunk to cordova global (perhaps this belongs to capabilities api?)

Mailing list decided to move to async api and unify.


  • /!\ deprecate battery stuff for its own plugin; leave the rest be

We may wish to consider implementing: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/pagevisibility/intro/ for pause,resume,etc


normalize paths


leave be


requires further audit (jesse doing this) (use html5 audio and/or normalize apis / add volume event) https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/audio/raw-file/tip/webaudio/specification.html

Also relevant is CB-1681 - media.getCurrentPosition(time) and media.seekTo(time) have different units.


Move from navigator.network.connection -> navigator.connection. Re-work online/offline events to fire on window and document.body as per spec.



  • - *Local Notifications*
    • - System timers/alarms that can be set up to fire [periodically] in order to poke your app with some intent - No UI requirements, I think, just a "wake from sleep" feature

    - *StatusBar Notifications*

    • - That awesome bar at the top: you can set up an icon, supply ticker-text, and/or configure drop down notification window items - Notifications may use sound/vibration/flashing lights to attract the attention of user when phone isn't in use - Users clicking notification window items will poke your app with some intent - Lots of features, vary between systems
    - *Push Notifications*
    • - External cloud services send messages to your device in response to some server action/stimulus - Once a push arrives, action should likely be some combination of Local/StatusBar Notifications, but there are system limitations


  • - Identify whats possible on each platform (initially android/ios) - Unify the api across platforms (as much as possible) - Use w3c spec for when possible: - Organize plugin documentation, and write up a single unified guide describing the various pieces and provide simple example - Potentially: prepare for move to core plugin, though that is not a direct goal

*Current state of the world: *(s/the world/phonegap-plugins/)


  • - *LocalNotifications* - Needs documentation fixup

    • - 6 months since proper update, but the code looks fine (at first glance)

    - *PushNotifications* - Seems well maintained (Max Ogden +more)

    • - Inspired by UA implementation (below) but seems to have a more robust api - Note from Max: no need for explicit notification api when app is in background but do when app is in foreground
    - *UAPushNotifications*

    - Urban Airship (http://urbanairship.com/)

    - *StatusBarNotifier*

    • - Seems to just change the top text of the *webview* status bar, so

      this plugin seems to not be a StatusBar notification as I defined above, more like an app "title" bar, so plugin seems misnamed. - Depends on 3rdparty plugin: https://github.com/frankdilo/FDStatusBarNotifierView - ios6 only, apparently?

    - *NotificationEx* - Not interesting, seems to just implement features that were removed

    • from old cordova version


  • - *LocalNotification* - Docs claim similar api to iOS version, but looks different (at first

    • glance) - Can't see how to register a callback (at first glance) -- so how is this useful? Generic wakeup? - 8 months since proper update, and the code looks like it needs work
    - *Push Notification* - There is no push notification plugin in the phonegap-plugin repo..
    • - However, Max Ogden pointed me to external: GCM-Cordova (Google

      Cloud Messaging) https://github.com/marknutter/GCM-Cordova

      • - GCM replaces C2DM as supported android push messaging service
      - Api is different than ios push plugin - Also Note from Max: you have to explicitly add things to the status bar as opposed to iOS where push notifications automatically get


  • in the UI [for background apps I assume]
  • - *StatusBarNotification* - Braden recently worked to clean this up to use w3c spec etc

    • - I haven't scanned through it to see how much functionality it supports

*Open Questions*:

  • - StatusBar Notifications: Intended for background services to notify a user to start some action (instead of just doing the action without users' explicit intent) -- so what does this mean for iOS without background services? - Are StatusBar notifications ever useful in foreground? Is that against some design principle? Leave that decision to the app developer? (fwiw: w3c spec seems to be a little vague, but no where does it say that notifications are to be used only while in background) - Push Notifications on ios: Can we intercept these when app is not in foreground, or must we just rely on default system behavior?

*Prioritizing Steps Forward:*

  1. StatusBar Notifications on iOS (w3c spec)

  2. Push Notifications on android
  3. Push Notifications on iOS (minor fixup/polyfill hopefully)
  4. Local Notifications on android


  • /!\ deprecate, the w3c doesnt want to support nor should we. file api and idb should care for all these use cases