iOS Release Checklist

  1. Run the mobile-spec (Don't forget to add the media file host in the whitelist!) (JavaScript) and Objective-C unit-tests (in the CordovaLib Xcode project) and inspect the results, fix the bugs if necessary, rinse and repeat

  2. Run the Platform-agnostic Manual Tests (scroll down), make sure they pass

  3. Run the iOSManualTests, make sure they pass

  4. Update Upgrading Cordova iOS in the docs repo for the current version

  5. Update guides/Cordova Plugin Upgrade for the current version

  6. Update Embedding Cordova WebView on iOS for the current version

  7. Update (instructions, FAQ items) for the current version

  8. Update for the current version

    1. Grab changes from a previous tag to HEAD i.e if the previous tag was "Foo" (if ambiguous, add a "refs/tags/" prefix to the tag):
      •             git shortlog --no-merges Foo..HEAD
    2. Edit the commit logs - don't add the commits verbatim, usually they are meaningless to the user. Only show the ones relevant for the user (fixes, new features)
    3. Put the edited logs into a new section for the new version with a date (YYYYMMDD) in parentheses, and follow the previous formats
  9. Update for the current version

  10. Update Cordova version data for the current version
    1. Update the version in the CordovaLib/VERSION file (use semantic versioning)

    2. Update CordovaLib/Classes/CDVAvailability.h

      1. add a new macro for the new version, e.g.
        •            #define __CORDOVA_2_1_0  20100
      2. update CORDOVA_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED with the latest version macro, e.g.
        •            #ifndef CORDOVA_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED
                         #define CORDOVA_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED __CORDOVA_2_1_0
  11. Build the tagged cordova-js for this version (cordova.ios.js) from the cordova-js project, and put the file in the CordovaLib/ folder, replacing the current cordova.ios.js file

  12. Run the Makefile, make sure it builds everything ok
  13. If completion of the previous steps is satisfactory, tag your repo with the new version, then...
  14. Push your commits with the new tag to the iOS repo

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