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1) Introductions & top 2 JIRA issues 2) Translations in 3) coho pull-requests demo 4) coho process for tools / plugins 5) coho process for cadence 6) General release-process discussion 7) What to do with cordova-plugins repo? 8) Hooks in plugins 9) ApacheCon 10) Injecting <asset>s?


1) Introductions & top 2 JIRA issues File Plugin Issues Android default launch mode setting Mobilespec test rewrite Medic <icon> Hooks for plugins

2) Translations in - README gets uploaded in npm JSON payload, so nice to put it there - Still, only EN gets uploaded… Demo at Easiest path for translations is to have manually link to its translations Can we internationalize the entire site? [Yes, but not v1] Can we include a browser compatibility matrix? [Yes, it's intended] Action: Steve to release some notes about the status; possibly a blog post

3) coho pull-requests demo Try out the example printed with coho list-pulls --help

4) coho process for tools / plugins Tried to go with copy/pastable commands for release steps here rather than coho all-in-one commands. This seems to work better.

5) coho process for cadence - Coho issue: Cannot properly publish from one machine because of line ending differences, and different requirements for target machines.

6) General release-process discussion Someone needs to summarize vote results in each thread for past releases

Can we release platforms more independently? E.g. release just cordova-android without anything else.

Need to have 'release managers': - let's create a rotation.

AI: Release manager per category (tools vs plugins vs platforms) AI: Release manager rotations

7) What to do with cordova-plugins repo? org.apache.cordova.labs?

What do we want to do with platform-specific plugins? AI: We need to have another list conversation about what 'core' means, and what is 'core'. - e.g. 'core' is only when there is enough people to maintain it

8) Hooks in plugins Sure, let's do it.. add plugman 'install' and 'uninstall' hooks

9) ApacheCon Yay.

10) Injecting <asset>s? NO!

Brian’s take-aways: - Steve to publish current plugins site and blog post encouraging contribute

- Coho does things! but we agree that we want a turn key release process. google/adobe to really send some love into this tool to make lives easier. Google working on this now. Adobe folk will look into after new is live.

- Releasing: we do it a lot. Synchronization of platforms seems to slow us. Moving away from dedicated Release Manager role to rotating. Current thinking is decoupling platform releases. (So iOS could ship independent of Android, for example.) Andrew to kick up a thread for further discussion of the impacts.

- Statusbar/Keyboard: adding to core? Some think 'core' means >3 platforms. Some think it might mean its too important for us to ignore. Also perhaps some are so important they need to be a part of a platform. Needs discussion / Tommy will kick up this thread.

- Plugins should not be doing asset injection for user space concerns. Example: somebody creates a Cordova plugin for jQuery. That would not be cool.

- Hooks for plugins. We like it. Platform pre/post build. Plugman install/uninstall/build/prepare. We likely need a plugin registry policy and possibly Maven has already been down this path at Apache.

- We need to (continue?) discussing platforms as the happy path. Needs things like icons, splashscreens, actual (you know) release level builds with keys.

- cordova-js/browserify branch in progress by Anis. Please have a look. Looking good but early. Still concerns wrt merges, clobbers, and runs ...and plugins in general.

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