Place to list and discuss the navigation use cases that are/should be supported in PhoneGap

iframe within a cordova page

user just wants to display some other content within the page and sandbox it in an iframe. They do not want to have to worry about any PG commands getting invoked by the pages loaded in the iframe and do not want to have to specify a whitelist for the iframe. There have been requests where people DO want to run PG commands from the iframe - need to determine why.

childbrowser plugin

For example, an app that tracks my blood donations. The user wants to go out to the Red Cross web site to find the next donations in her area. In this case I don't want to use the whitelist and I do not want any PG commands invoked from within the Childbrowser (other than to deal with the events from the Childbrowser). There may be cases where the user does want PG commands within a ChildBrowser - with the new Web View /Cleaver implementations this could be an option.

ajax requests and general resource loading (for example <img>)

Not really navigation but should respect the whitelist

page load is programmatic or occurs from a user interaction

For example, an ad can load in an iframe (programmatically), and the user can touch the ad (user interaction). The desired behavior may be different in those cases.

JavaScript invocations to open a new page

Should these open in the webview or open in the mobile browser (in the case of iOS this will leave the app with no way to return via a back button unless the Childbrowser is used).

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