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= Node Inspector =

Debugging [[https://nodejs.org|Node.js]] by hand can be frustrating. You could do: `node debug some_script.js the_arguments`, but you wouldn't want to.

== Install Node Inspector Globally ==
npm install -g node-inspector

Please have your [[npm_rc|npm environment]] configured so that you don't need to use `sudo npm install -g ...`.

== Or Install Node Inspector Locally ==

npm install node-inspector
cd ~/node_modules/node-inspector
npm link

== Running Node Inspector ==
Assuming that you have your [[npm_rc|npm environment]] configured, you can now do:

 1. Run `node-inspector`.
 1. Open [[http://google.com/chrome|Google Chrome]] (or some other Blink derived web browser) to [[]].
 1. Run `node --debug-brk path/to/some_script.js the_arguments`.

For more information on using node-inspector check out the GitHub Repository [[https://github.com/node-inspector/node-inspector]]