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= Platform Support =

Apache Cordova has differing degrees of support for differing platforms.

== Core ==

These are the main platforms supported by the Apache Cordova project.

  * iOS
  * Android
  * !BlackBerry
  * Windows Phone
  * Windows 8

Core platforms target an operating system, with devices in circulation, providing:

  * A standard low level native plugin bridge API (and related utilities)
  * Standard set of low level CLI tools
  * Embeddable (if possible)
  * InAppBrowser and other browser-ish shims like alerts, etc

== Horizon ==

These are platforms have some level of support by Apache Cordova and may become core in the future.

  * Tizen
  * Qt
  * Firefox OS
  * Ubuntu Mobile (Qt)
  * Windows (Win32)

== Sunset ==

These are platforms considered to be on their way out of general consumer availability. We offer code, but not distribution of these platforms.

  * Symbian
  * webOS
  * Bada