See ApacheFrontPage for SVN access and other details.

When a new Cordova version has been uploaded to the website, the website has references to the latest version that needs to be updated.

In the _config.yml file:

  1. Update the releases key, update all the sub-key values to the updated versions

  2. Update the docs key, update the url sub-key value to the updated URL for the versioned docs

Now you need to re-generate the website. See the

In the infra/doap_Cordova.rdf file:

  1. In the Project/release tag, add a child tag to the top, example below. Replace A.B.C with the version of the release you just uploaded, and YYYY-MM-DD is the date of the release:

    • <Version>

      • <name>Latest Stable</name>




  2. Modify the next <Version> tag, and remove Latest Stable from the <name> and change it to Legacy

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