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 * [[http://people.phonegap.com/developer/becky-gibson|Becky Gibson]]
 * Bryce Curtis
 * [[http://people.phonegap.com/developer/carlos-santana|Carlos Santana]] [[http://twitter.com/csantanapr|@csantanapr]]
 * [[http://people.phonegap.com/developer/becky-gibson|Becky Gibson]] (emeritus)
 * Bryce Curtis (emeritus)
 * [[http://people.phonegap.com/developer/carlos-santana|Carlos Santana]]
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 * Martin Gonzalez (Intern)
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 * [[http://people.phonegap.com/developer/patrick-mueller|Patrick Mueller]]
 * [[http://people.phonegap.com/developer/simon-macdonald|Simon McDonald]]
 * [[http://people.phonegap.com/developer/patrick-mueller|Patrick Mueller]] (emeritus)
 * Staci Cooper
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 * [[http://people.phonegap.com/developer/simon-macdonald|Simon McDonald]]

Cordova Contributors: Who's who

Please add your name below, and also fill out a profile at http://people.phonegap.com/ and point to that. Thanks! (Alphabetical order, grouped by company of employment)

Also - There is a list of committers at http://people.apache.org/committers-by-project.html#cordova

And a list of PMC members at http://people.apache.org/committers-by-project.html#cordova-pmc





Intel Corporation

  • Paul Plaquette, Open Source Technology Center, France , Montpellier, tizen
  • Regis Merlino, Open Source Technology Center, France , Montpellier, tizen, win7
  • Christophe Guiraud, Open Source Technology Center, France Montpellier, tizen
  • Patrick Porlan, Open Source Technology Center, France, Montpellier, win7
  • Prital Shah, USA, OR, Portland, win8
  • Matt Berk, Intern, USA, OR, Portland, win8
  • Zhang Haili, China, Bejing, win8
  • Wang MingfengX, China, Bejing, win8

Independent Contributors