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Advanced Shows and Lists: Throwing Redirects

Throw a 404 error

To throw a 404 from inside a _show or _list func .. the easiest way is:

That will be caught by the top level loop thing and turned into a nice response.

Return a redirect

There's no top level catcher thing for redirects, so you can't *throw a redirect*, you have to 'return' it.

To do a redirect, there's a library function that will do it for you:

You can use the path lib to help get some neat urls, have a look at vendor/couchapp/lib/path.js source ..

What this actually does is the equivalent of:

The 'code' is the http response code, the http response would be something like:

Case study, Making a Redirect Throwable

If you're deep in a lib/mystuff.js func, I use this sort of style for a certain checker function.

In this example I have different product lines in my rewrites, of the form:

The trouble is if someone uses the wrong url for the type of product, I want to put them right, this will help keep the search engine optimization good too. So if someone goes:

It will call the _show/camera method with the id of a document that has {type: 'dvr'}. Which is bad because I use a different template but also bad because SEO will freak out if it ends up in google.

To fix it I did the following:

In my _show or _list func I put:

I know people will yell at me for puting too much on one line. But I'm using this in all my _show and _list funcs, I want it to be nice and short.

In my *lib/rewritehelper.js* file I check the type and all that and if it's wrong I throw an exception, which the _show func catches and returns as is. Here's the full code for my lib function so far:

So the cool thing here is the 'throw' statements, if we're totally in the wrong place, I want to get out ASAP.

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