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= Board Report (May 2013) =

== Description ==

Apache CouchDB is a database that uses JSON for documents, !JavaScript for !MapReduce queries, and regular HTTP for an API.

== Releases ==

 * 1.2.2 (4th April 2013)
   * http://www.apache.org/dist/couchdb/notes/1.2.2/apache-couchdb-1.2.2.html
 * 1.3.0 (24th April 2013)
   * http://www.apache.org/dist/couchdb/notes/1.3.0/apache-couchdb-1.3.0.html

== Current Activity ==

 * Work is underway to merge in Cloudant's !BigCouch fork which will add clustering capabilities to CouchDB.
 * Work is underway to merge in Cloudant's Fauxton overhaul of the CouchDB admin interface.
 * Work is underway to merge in parts of Benoît Chesneau's rcouch fork which improves the build system.
 * Work is underway to improve our test suite with a view toward making it more stable.
 * The documentation donation from Couchbase was merged in and shipped with CouchDB 1.3.0.

The docs are also available at:


The project is undergoing an expansionist phase. The PMC is focusing on bolstering the committer base, and the committer base is focusing on bolstering CouchDB. As part of this, we are also conducting several restructuring exercises. These include: recruiting more committers, re-enforcing expectations around consensus building and decision making processes, re-evaluating our Git workflow, and switching to regular time-based releases. These exercises are going very well so far.

We have established consensus to have !GitHub pull request comment notifications sent to the development mailing list. This will be an experiment. Our goal is to increase the visibility of important activity that is happening away from the lists. Our success criteria will be increased activity and attention to contributions coming in from !GitHub. We will re-enforce the primacy of the mailing list for development discussion and decision making, and will keep a watchful eye for any issues.

== Community ==

Including the following additions, CouchDB has 27 committers and 9 PMC members.

New committers:

 * Dale Harvey
 * Wendall Cada
 * Alexander Shorin
 * Ryan Ramage

No new PMC members.

Mailing list stats:

 * announce
   * 56 subscribers
   * 2 messages since February
 * user
   * 1456 subscribers
   * 1,057 messages since February
 * erlang
   * 105 subscribers
   * 14 messages since February
 * dev
   * 601 subscribers
   * 2,006 messages since February
 * commits
   * 101 subscribers
   * 959 messages since February

== Issues ==

No issues for the board at this time.
this content has moved to https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/COUCHDB/2013_05

We have a new wiki. The migration is not 100% complete. You can help out by moving pages across. This wiki will exist for as long as there are pages left.

The official documentation has moved to http://docs.couchdb.org — The transition is not 100% complete, but http://docs.couchdb.org should be seen as having the latest info. In some cases, the wiki still has some more or older info on certain topics inside CouchDB.

You need to be added to the ContributorsGroup to edit the wiki. But don't worry! Just email any Mailing List or grab us on IRC and let us know your user name.

this content has moved to https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/COUCHDB/2013_05

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