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Getting started with Common Lisp and the CouchDB API.


The code for Clouchdb, the Common Lisp CouchDB library, as well as full documentation and more detailed examples can be obtained from:

This library can also be installed with ASDF:

CL-USER> (asdf-install:install 'clouchdb)
CL-USER> (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op '#clouchdb)

Using the Library

;; Create a workspace package
(defpackage :clouchdb-user (:use :cl :clouchdb))
(in-package :clouchdb-user)

;; See what databases exist on default connection, which is 
;; host "localhost", port 5984

;; Create database "myDb"
(set-connection :db-name "myDb")

;; Create a document in database "myDb"
(create-document '((:Subject . "I like Plankton")
                   (:Author . "Rusty")
                   (:PostedDate . "2006-08-15T17:30:12-04:00")"
                   (:Tags . ("plankton" "baseball" "decisions"))
                  :id "myDoc")

;; Get all documents in "myDb"

;; Get document "myDoc"
(get-document "myDoc")

;; Delete document "myDoc"
(delete-document :id "myDoc")

;; List information about database "myDb"
(get-db-info :db-name "myDb")

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