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 * [[http://damienkatz.net/|Damien Katz]], `<damien@apache.org>`

   Original developer and former project lead.

 * [[http://jan.prima.de/|Jan Lehnardt]], `<jan@apache.org>`

   Worked on the original UNIX port and now works on all ends in CouchDB. He is a freelancing CouchDB consultant and gives presentations around the world.

 * [[http://tumbolia.org/nslater|Noah Slater]], `<nslater@apache.org>`

   Developed and maintains the Autotools build system and application infrastructure. He is CouchDB's release manager and maintains a number of related packages for Debian GNU/Linux.

 * [[http://www.cmlenz.net/|Christopher Lenz]], `<cmlenz@apache.org>`

   Developed and maintains Futon, the Web administration console. He works on the !JavaScript view engine, !SpiderMonkey and !MochiWeb integration in addition to an external Python client.

 * [[http://jchris.mfdz.com|J. Chris Anderson]], `<jchris@apache.org>`

  Upgraded the Erlang JSON term format. Integrates community patches, particularly related to the HTTP API and the !MapReduce system. Gives talks and presentations about CouchDB, with an eye toward recruiting more developers.

 * [[http://www.davispj.com/|Paul J. Davis]], `<davisp@apache.org>`

  Developed features for the HTTP API as well as helped with recent upgrades to the !MapReduce system. Spends time tracking down various bugs reported in JIRA.

 * Adam Kocoloski, `<kocolosk@apache.org>`

  Maintains and extends the replicator. Hacks on various other parts of the core database.

 * Mark Hammond, `<mhammond@apache.org>`

  Windows support.

 * [[http://www.jasondavies.com/|Jason Davies]], `<jasondavies@apache.org>`

  Developed various authentication features including cookie-based authentication and OAuth support.

 * [[http://fdmanana.wordpress.com/|Filipe Manana]], `<fdmanana@apache.org>`

  Works mostly on the replicator, some parts of the core database and the security features.

 * Robert Newson, `<rnewson@apache.org>`

  Contributes bug fixes and small features.

 * Randall Leeds, `<randall@apache.org>`

  Squashes bugs and tunes performance. Tweaks API interoperabilities, forward-/backward-compatibility and developer interactions. Maintains CouchDB-Lounge.

 * Dave Cottlehuber, `<dch@apache.org>`

  Stands on the shoulders of giants. Enjoys pushing red furniture through Windows.

 * Jason Smith, `<jhs@apache.org>`

  Develops features and fixes for the HTTP API: things to improve application developers' and system administrators' experience.

 * Benoit Chesneau, `<benoitc@apache.org>`

 * Robert Dionne, `<bitdiddle@apache.org>`

 * Russell Branca, `<chewbranca@apache.org>`

 * Dale Harvey, `<dale@apache.org>`

 * Sue Lockwood, `<deathbear@apache.org>`

 * [[http://dirkjan.ochtman.nl|Dirkjan Ochtman]], `<djc@apache.org>`
   Helps out with the documentation, manages releases. CouchDB-Python maintainer.

 * [[http://www.redcometlabs.com|Garren Smith]], `<garren@apache.org>`
   Works on Fauxton.

 * Gianugo Rabellino, `<gianugo@apache.org>`

 * Alexander Shorin, `<kxepal@apache.org>`

 * Simon Metson, `<metson@apache.org>`

 * Mike Wallace, `<mikewallace@apache.org>`

 * Ryan Ramage, `<ryanramage@apache.org>`

 * Ted Leung, `<twl@apache.org>`

 * Wendall Cada, `<wendallc@apache.org>`
 * Joan Touzet, `<wohali@apache.org>`

 * [[http://blog.nms.de|Andy Wenk]], `<andywenk@apache.org>`

  Helps to make CouchDB multilingual, IRC hangarounder and documentation worker

 * Nick North, `<nicknorth@apache.org>`

  Contributes small features and helps with the Windows distribution

 * [[http://maxthayer.org|Max Thayer]], `<garbados@apache.org>`

 * Robert Kowalski