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= Community Guide =


''@@ This is a work in progress.''

''@@ cf. http://forrest.apache.org/guidelines.html''

== Overview ==

''@@ Sketch of how the community is structured. Roles, responsibilities, etc.''

''@@ Link to by-laws, if and when we form some.''

== Getting Started ==

''@@ How to get started in the community, and know your way around.''

== How To Contribute ==

''@@ How to start contributing to the project.''

== How Committers Are Chosen ==

''@@ How we choose committers.''

''@@ cf. [[http://community.apache.org/newcommitter.html|Electing new committers]]''

== Nominating a Committer ==

Everybody is welcome to nominate a committer.

Please send an email to [[mailto:private@couchdb.apache.org|private@couchdb.apache.org]] with your nomination and a short justification.

What happens next will follow this process:

 * The PMC will acknowledge your nomination, and...
 * If the individual has already been voted upon, or invited, then...
   * The PMC will decide whether to have another vote, or issue another invitation.
 * If the individual has not already been voted on, or invited, then...
   * A discussion will be held, and...
     * If consensus exists, then...
       * A vote will be held, and...
   * If it is unsuccessful, then...
     * The individual will not be elected, and...
     * A PMC member may choose to mentor the individual for a period of time, and...
     * The PMC may consider re-evaluation at a later date.
   * If it is successful, then...
     * The individual will be invited, and...
     * If the individual accepts, then...
       * Paperwork will be completed, and...
       * '''The election of a new committer will be announced!'''
     * If the individual does not accept, then...
       * No further action will be taken.

Unfortunately, the PMC is not able to respond to nominations in any other capacity than to acknowledge them.

It is important that decisions about elections and invitations remain confidential.

== How PMC Members Are Chosen ==

''@@ How we choose PMC members.''

== Nominating PMC Member ==

''@@ How to nominate a PMC member and what to expect afterwards.''