All info about CouchCamp is accessible here:

A few speakers have been invited to speak but the majority of the time will be "unconference" style group participation and discussion.

Unconference Whiteboard

this space is in intended to serve as a space to flush out ideas for group discussions. people should feel free to add comments and questions to any section.

CouchDB on mobile

What phones/devices are/can be targeted? Alternate implementations or ports of the current Apache (erlang) CouchDB?


IndexedDatabase and IDBCouch. WebStorage.

CouchDB and the web security model

What do we need to do to allow CouchApps to play in the web sandbox. Eg if I'm running a banking CouchApp and a chat CouchApp, and the chat CouchApp has a bug that allows the person you are chatting with to inject HTML/JS into your browser, how do we keep that from being a vector for attack on your banking data?

Ideas and priorities for CouchDB 2.0

Now that we're releasing 1.0, it's time to think about what the next 5 years of CouchDB development will bring. Alternate indexers? Binary attachment storage options? Refactoring to use web-machine? Of course, real decisions will be made on the dev@ list, but there's nothing like a campfire and some beers to get the ideas flowing.

GeoCouch and why it rules

Once you add some location information to your documents, you can ask your GeoCouch to give you a list of documents that are located in an area. Let's talk about how to integrate geo data into your applications, and why bringing CouchDB to the GIS world is important.

All about BigCouch

BigCouch is a highly-available clustering and sharding system for CouchDB built by the folks at Cloudant. We'll talk about the design choices behind the project, demo a local BigCouch cluster, and chat about where the project is headed.

How to contribute to CouchDB

Want to help with CouchDB, but need some hints on getting started? We'll give a tour of the codebase and show you how to find and fix bugs in the Erlang implementation. Also you can do a lot to help CouchDB, just by writing JavaScript, so we'll show you that too. Hopefully this will demystify the codebase, and you can start hacking on CouchDB.

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