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The production environment is hosted in the Joyent Cloud, with couchdb and couch-lucene instances running on dedicated machines. The production environment is hosted in the Joyent Cloud, with couchdb and couchdb-lucene instances running on dedicated machines.

We have a new wiki. The migration is not 100% complete. You can help out by moving pages across. This wiki will exist for as long as there are pages left.

The official documentation has moved to http://docs.couchdb.org — The transition is not 100% complete, but http://docs.couchdb.org should be seen as having the latest info. In some cases, the wiki still has some more or older info on certain topics inside CouchDB.

You need to be added to the ContributorsGroup to edit the wiki. But don't worry! Just email any Mailing List or grab us on IRC and let us know your user name.

"CouchDB In The Wild"

A list of organizations using CouchDB to create software and websites in the wild.

If you've built a product or a service that uses CouchDB, whether public or private, we'd like to hear about it.

Please submit a description to the couchdb-dev list, and we'll see about adding it to this page.

Your submission should preferably:

  • Justify why CouchDB was a good fit for your project
  • Explain how you are using CouchDB within your application
  • Detail any interesting problems you solved along the way
  • Highlight anything interesting or unusual

Over time, shorter entries already here may be removed to make room for longer ones.

If you'd like to expand an existing entry, please also make a submission as described above.

Editors: We're encouraging developers to describe their products in more detail so I've started an 'In Depth' section. Please add a short summary to 'Software' for now in addition to long description in 'In Depth'.


  • Ajatus A CRM that runs as a local Ajax web application [Please expand]

  • Anologue is like comments, meets im, meets irc, meets your favorite paste app, meets instant coffee. [Please expand]

  • Aptela Hosted VoIP/PBX Service that uses Couch for persistence services

  • Couchit, minimal site creator (source code) [Please expand]

  • CouchdbProxy, Simple multinode couchdb proxy

  • Yhc Web Service, compile Haskell to Javascript online, by Dmitry Golubovsky [Please expand]

  • Gargoyle POI Server, Simple REST access to Point of Interest geographical data in a variety of formats (KML, GeoRSS, etc.) [Please expand]

  • Erlysocial is a distributed social graph metadata crawler [Please expand]

  • urldammit, RESTful "lost+found" service for tracking the state of URLs a site is serving. Supports multiple backends (currently couchdb and mysql for the risk averse)

  • Arbit project tracker, aims to provide a decent modern extensible multi project tracking tool. Features start with issue tracking and wiki and will not stop before code analysis and translation management. [Please expand]

  • Scanty on the Couch, a port of Adam Wiggins' Scanty blog software [Please expand]

  • dotCloud, open-source cloud federation platform [Please expand]

  • Davenport An extensible container for building native CouchDB based OS X applications. Sorta like a Cocoa based version of eclipse for CouchDB apps. This project is in its early stage of development.

  • Emberlight Publish data-rich flowcharts to the web [Please expand]

  • Modern Forum Message board software using CouchDB, CouchApp, and Sammy.js.

  • TapirWiki is a pure HTML / Javascript wiki which uses CouchDB as the server and data store. It's a single HTML file which you can upload for an ad-hoc, quick and dirty wiki.

  • Symbiote Framework is a .Net RAD framework that brings together several excellent open source libraries and provides .Net APIs for technologies like CouchDB.

  • Swinger is a couchapp for creating and showing Presentations. Think Keynote, stored in CouchDB, run via Javascript and Sammy.js.

  • CouchRS is a custom data processing extension allowing SQL Server Reporting Services to be pointed at CouchDB as reporting/analytics data store.

  • CarrierClass is an OpenSource SIP softswitch. [Please expand]

  • KaraCos web platform engine is an OpenSource web framework and a basic CMS. It exposes couchDB documents as 'Nodes' of the website resources tree.

  • Group Complete is a collaborative data collection solution for Android using CouchDB on the client and server.

  • The Little Library is an open source app that allows you to upload, store, and share creative commons licensed content across computers and digital devices, offline and in the cloud.

  • The Refuge project aims to provide a fully decentralized and opensource data platform based on CouchDB, it also provides a custom distribution of Apache CouchDB named rcouch .

  • Ideafy is a collaborative brainstorming and Idea management tool that combines social networking, serious gaming and brainstorming sessions into a single platform for tablets.

  • SpreadLyrics is a song lyrics sharing application for Android. [Please expand]

Software In Depth


Ideafy is a collaborative brainstorming and Idea management tool that combines social networking, serious gaming and brainstorming sessions into a single platform for tablets (and later all browser-capable devices).

The production environment is hosted in the Joyent Cloud, with couchdb and couchdb-lucene instances running on dedicated machines.

The server side is powered by node.js -- we use socket.io and (in my subjective view) a set of powerful libraries developed by Olivier Scherrer (emily, olives and couchdb-emily-tools : more info at http://flams.github.io/CouchDB-emily-tools/) to really simplify db communications on both client and server sides.


  • imgb.in Free designer-friendly image/psd/pdf uploading service on the couch.

  • ShrinkBooth Multi-lingual URL shortener on the couch.

  • Appointment Reminder Appointment Reminder on the couch - ProdCall.

  • PasteBooth Multi-lingual Pastebin on the couch.

  • Memorize.com A website for memorizing all kinds of things. [Please expand]

  • Assay Depot a marketplace for pharmaceutical research services. We have multiple sites based on CouchDB (including our provider site all using filtered replication to communicate.

  • TwiGroups is a social networking tool for use on Twitter. CouchDB as tweets storage.

  • CouchDB at the BBC as a fault tolerant, scalable, multi-data center key-value store

  • Magnifeast Restaurant website with online ordering from hundreds of restaurants. CouchDB used as main database.

  • Fabulously40 Social network for women of age. CouchDB used for internal web analytics.

  • ezistreet business directory - CouchDB used for reviews and real-time analytics.

  • payroll, payroll services. CouchDB runs the site-search.

  • UploadBooth Upload File Service run on the couch.

  • PylonsHQ, the Pylons Web framework website - (explanation) [Please expand]

  • Benoît Chesneau's Weblog, blog using couchapp by Benoît Chesneau

  • Friendpaste, a pastebin by Enki Multimedia [Please expand]

  • Christopher Lenz's Weblog [Please expand]

  • Scratch pad, by Christopher Lenz [Please expand]

  • MoosTrax, Web Based GPS Tracking [Please expand]

  • iWantMyName, an easy to use domain registrar (finally), Case Study, one of the first sites using CouchDB in production, now 100% CouchDB based

  • coravy. website, corporate website using a non-cms built with CouchDB.

  • pcapr, a packet capture sharing, viewing, editing website. [Please expand]

  • LotsOfWords, a wikipedia-based term translation service. Case Study. [Please expand]

  • Pixel This!, simple bitmap creation game for iPhone powered by CouchDB

  • Semantic News Portal, news portal powered by semantic technologies. All data in CouchDB.

  • Ely Service, a simple car garage web site built entirely using CouchDB and CouchApp (with nginx for URL rewriting). Writeup.

  • Source Weaver, A web site whose blogging system is built using CouchDB.

  • OurParents, Senior Care web site assisting adult children with their aging parents. Backend data system is CouchDB with a cache tier of MySQL.

  • devconf.se, a local catalogue of seminars, conferences and events related to software development in Sweden [Please expand]

  • http://nymphormation.org Nymphormation is a Couchapp that allow people to share links.

  • http://ubuntuone.com Ubuntu One is a suite of web services for enhancing collaboration between Ubuntu users. Initially a file sharing service is available. [Please expand]

  • friendsell.com A social marketplace application. Uses couchdb for all its database needs and couchdb-lucene for all search operations.

  • Storyimp, a site for publishing and reading stories online. Storyimp uses CouchDB as the main datastore, and CouchDB Lucene for searching.

  • payroll tax accounting, a betting exchange and prediction market. Uses CouchDB for user data and account metrics.

  • CloudSplit, Cost Control for your Cloud Spending.

  • I Got Cash 4, A wanted ads service that uses CouchDB behind nitrogen to store adverts.

  • FortyTwo, An example couchapp that mimicks stackoverflow.com

  • couchdb-stats, couchdb runtime statistics viewer

  • NetworkApp, Network is a tool that helps you organise all the people you know. It uses CouchDB as the main datastore.

  • ShareGrove, Social networking made personal. It has a proprietary Rhino-based middleware layer, and uses CouchDB as the back-end.

  • [[|pkw.de]] is a German-based car-selling platform and is using CouchDB for one of it's services for getting individual offers by car-sellers.
  • HamStudy.org provides practice tests and study information for preparing for a US Amateur Radio License exam. [Please expand]

  • StereoBlog.net anaglyph pictures blog powered by CouchDB and Django.

  • Weavver Weavver is a web service and software provider. We use CouchDB in our database layer.

  • Vermont Public Radio, news headlines, commentaries, and Vermont Edition from Vermont Public Radio and NPR (currently only the homepage uses CouchDB).

  • Le Bon Coin Du Cadeau helps you to find the right gift to offer. Powered by CouchDB, Elastic Search and NodeJS.

  • Trechos de Músicas song lyrics sharing website that runs in the cloud (Google AppEngine). [Please expand]

  • The Infinite Maze, a collaborative maze drawing site. Fully Couch. Hosted on iriscouch.com.

  • carepoint, A Senior Living site helping people to find retirement homes. Back end database is CouchDB.

  • CRNA Programs CRNA programs directory using CouchDB for user data and metrics.

  • At Infinigon Group we're currently using couchdb in production for our social analytical trade signal system. We currently store well over a billion entities - such as tweets - and our database is growing at a rate of 1370 records per second. We started with couchdb but due to trend and management pressure we were obliged moved to mongodb but now after a year of pain with mongodb we are back to couchdb. We find the couchdb platform to be much more stable and consistent and by using Erlang views and careful normalization of our data we have achieve performances that match if not surpass mongodb.

Facebook Applications

Internal Use

  • HUDORA is using CouchDB for an internal Track & Trace application more.

  • Sotel IP Services is using CouchDB for some dynamic call routing applications more.

  • Engine Yard is using CouchDB for metrics and tracking package installs.

  • BerrySki BlackBerry app that offer GPS Ski Maps for Europe and North America. It uses CouchDB for subscription management.

  • Credit Suisse Commodities Credit Suisse commodities department use CouchDB to store configuration details for their python marketdata framework. What's stored includes SQL statements, urls, db connection strings, regex statements. Futon is used as the configuration front-end.

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