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CouchHack is small CouchDB hacker event planned for April 19th - 22nd in Asheville NC.

We will be renting a house for hacking, playing video games, building sofa forts and crashing. Anyone who wants to hack on or with CouchDB is welcome to come. Beds in the house are limited, first come first serve

Current Hackers:

 * Jan Lehnardt - attending 19th - 21. Interested in linking against Mac OS X ICU, Erlang View Server, partial replication -- Teaching CouchDB
 * J. Chris Anderson - attending 19 - 22 - Interested in Partitioning / Clustering, and p2p messaging CouchApp development.
 * Damien Katz - attending 19 - 22. Interested in JSearch/FT Indexing support, and working on third party apps.
 * Paul Davis - attending 19 - 22. External indexing integration. Another project TBA.
 * Benjamin Young - attending the 20th (at least). Interested in hosting, management, and CouchDB as a CMS content repo replacement for MySQL (et al).
 * Brad Anderson - attending 19 - 21. Partitioning / Clustering, Erlang View Server

We will mostly be working on CouchDB related stuff, some of it core to CouchDB, some of it external projects involving CouchDB.

Want to influence CouchDB but can't come? Consider becoming a CouchHack sponsor and help pay for the house or travel expenses.

If you are interested in hacking or sponsoring, contact Jan Lehnardt jan@apache.org.

List of [[CouchHack_April_2009_Sponsors]].

=== CouchDB Work Done at CouchHack

 * Split `main.js` out into lots of little file. (And then Jan taught me how Makefile work)
 * Adding a batch PUT mode (which delays commit so that we can do a bulk index update)