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= Futon Chrome Bookmark App =

This is really nothing more than a glorified bookmark to your local Futon instance. It is accessible from the ''"New Tab"'' window in Chromium-based browsers (which includes Google Chrome).

This is a screenshot of how it looks.


== Installation ==

Due to Google's Chrome Web Store policies it is not possible to install it like you would normally install such an app. You'll either have to install the Futon.crx file by dragging it into a Chrome window or by downloading the zip archive, unzipping it and then loading it from Chrome's Tools page. I'll describe both ways.

=== Installing Futon.crx ===

This should be fairly easy.

 1. Download [[attachment:Futon.crx|Futon.crx|&do=get]] ~-(by clicking on it)-~.
 2. Make sure a Chrome window is open ~-(any window will work)-~.
 3. Drag 'n drop the `Futon.crx` file into that window.
 4. Approve
 5. Win

=== Installing it from source ===

Don't be afraid, it is not the Linux kernel.

 1. Download [[attachment:Futon.zip|Futon.zip|&do=get]] ~-(by clicking on it)-~.
 2. Unzip it ~-(and remember where you unzipped it)-~.
 3. In Chrome, go to `Tools` → `Extensions`.
  3.1 In case the `Developer Mode` checkbox in the upper right corner is not checked do so now.
 4. Click the `Load Unpacked Extension` button.
 5. Select the unzipped Futon directory.
 6. Win

== Source Code ==

Additionally you can view/modify/grab the source code of the `manifest.json` from [[https://gist.github.com/3852988|this]] GitHub Gist and the image from below.

{{attachment:icon_128.png|Futon Icon}}