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Getting started with Erlang and the CouchDB API.


couchbeam is a simple erlang CouchDB framework. couchbeam provides you a full featured and easy client to access and manage multiple couchdb Nodes.


Deprecated Clients

These clients have not received updates in the last 2 years.


eCouch is an Erlang application that provides an API to a CouchDB server. Code and documentation can be obtained at:




It is quite easy to throw together a quick interface to CouchDB in Erlang using inets or ibrowse because CouchDB API is so easy. On such interface currently exists at:

Documentation can be found as part of the library.

NOTE: erlcouch was discontinued, but picked up and pushed along at http://github.com/bdionne/erl-couch/


Another Erlang library exists as erlang_couchdb. It is actively development and tries to do as little as possible.

There's a branch implementing a transactional layer for it. Scroll down for documentation:

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