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Getting started with Java and the CouchDB API.
= Ektorp =
Ektorp provides a persistence layer on top of CouchDb with JSON processing provided by the excellent [[http://jackson.codehaus.org/|Jackson JSON library]].
The goal of Ektorp is to combine JPA-like functionality with the simplicity and flexibility that CouchDB provides.

See [[https://github.com/helun/Ektorp|Ektorp project at Github]].
Or take a look at the [[http://www.ektorp.org/reference_documentation.html|Reference Documentation]]

= JRelax =
Relax was born out of necessity of building a scalable and flexible persistence model on top of CouchDB for a startup company. The API was build from real usage patterns which were extracted from real use cases. I wanted to ensure that the API is consistent and pleasant to use.

See [[http://wiki.github.com/isterin/jrelax|JRelax project at github]].

=== Dependencies ===
 * Restlet 2.0 (http://www.restlet.org/)
 * Jackson (JSON Processor - http://jackson.codehaus.org/)

= jcouchdb =
jcouchdb is a new java5 CouchDB driver which allows you to choose your favourite style of combining Java and CouchDB. From totally schema-less, collections-based Documents to a graph of your own java objects or something in between.

See the [[http://code.google.com/p/jcouchdb/|jcouchdb project at google code]] for more details.

= DroidCouch =

DroidCouch is a minimal Android library for using CouchDB, licensed under the MIT license. The intention is to make a small Java library well suited for Android mobile development.

See [[http://github.com/sig/DroidCouch/|DroidCouch at GitHub]] for more details.

= CouchDB4J =
CouchDB4J is an updated Java library for CouchDB. It handles the REST style calls to the CouchDB server behind the scenes, and give you a handle on the JSON objects directly. CouchDB4J uses JSON-lib to handle mapping to/from JSON objects, which makes getting/setting properties on the objects very easy. You can even map Java objects to JSON objects and back to make the process easier.

With CouchDB4J, you create a Session object that handles the CouchDB server communication. From here, you can get a handle on your Database. From the ''Database'' you can run views or retrieve ''Documents''. A ''!ViewResult'' is a special type of ''Document'' which contains the id's of the ''Documents'' that matched your view function.

== Dependencies ==
 * http://github.com/mbreese/couchdb4j
 * [[http://commons.apache.org/|Apache commons]]
  * commons-httpclient
  * commons-beanutils
  * commons-codec
  * commons-collections
  * commons-lang
  * commons-logging
 * [[http://json-lib.sf.net/|JSON-lib]]
  * json-lib-2.0
  * ezmorph

== Sample Usage ==
Session s = new Session("localhost",5984);
Database db = s.getDatabase("foodb");

Document doc = db.getDocument("documentid1234");

Document newdoc = new Document();
newdoc.put("foo","baz"); // same as JSON: { foo: "baz"; }
db.saveDocument(newdoc); // auto-generated id given by the database

// Running a view
ViewResults result = db.getAllDocuments(); // same as db.view("_all_dbs");
for (Document d: result.getResults()) {

                ViewResults may not actually contain the full document, only what the view
                returned. So, in order to get the full document, you need to request a
                new copy from the database.

        Document full = db.getDocument(d.getId());

// Ad-Hoc view
ViewResults resultAdHoc = db.adhoc("function (doc) { if (doc.foo=='bar') { return doc; }}");

= LightCouch =
LightCouch aims at providing a simple and easy-to-use APIs for CouchDB.

It offers a reliable and lightweight persistence interface with minimal setup and code dependency.

Visit the website at [[http://www.lightcouch.org/|LightCouch.org]] for a Getting Started guide and check out the [[https://github.com/ahmedyha/LightCouch|source code on Github]].

== Older Libraries ==
Older CouchDB Java library (doesn't support newer JSON syntax):

 . http://code.google.com/p/couchdb-lib/