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There are a number of Common Lisp libraries, as one would expect:

 * [[http://github.com/sykopomp/chillax|Chillax]] comprises both client and view-server, plus an extensible API for using your own objects as documents. Interesting [[https://sykosomatic.org/2010/10/chillax-and-protocols/|commentary]] on development approach. Latest release 2012/12/22, v0.4.6
 * [[http://common-lisp.net/project/clouchdb/|CLouchDB]] Latest release 2012/02/18 v0.0.16, with [[https://github.com/petereddy/clouchdb|source]].


These have not been updated recently, and unlikely to function with recent supported CouchDB releases, including basic things like attachments.

 * [[http://common-lisp.net/project/cl-couch/|Cl-Couch]] - Full suite, includes client, view-server and object layer. Not updated since 2008. See http://kzar.co.uk/blog/2008/12/26/lisp-couchdb-cl-couch-example/ and https://github.com/ryszard/Cl-Couch for examples and current source (no longer on darcs).
 * [[http://nicolas.lamirault.free.fr/projects/cl-couchdb/|cl-couchdb]] similar issues. Not updated since 2007.