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HTTP GET _active_tasks





Query args


Request body


Response body

JSON array containing objects describing currently active tasks


Returns a list of running tasks.


GET /_active_tasks HTTP/1.1

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Cache-Control: must-revalidate

[{"type":"Database Compaction","task":"exampledb","status":"Copied 5001 of 14832 changes (33%)","pid":"<0.14557.22>"}]

Changes in CouchDB 1.2.0

The 1.2.0 release offers a more granular active tasks output. Basically, each task can have different properties which are only meaningful for that particular task type. There are currently 4 active task types: "indexer", "replication", "database_compaction", and "view_compaction".


$ curl http://localhost:5984/_active_tasks 
    "pid": "<0.242.0>", 
    "changes_done": 31209, 
    "database": "indexer_test_3", 
    "design_document": "_design/test", 
    "progress": 5, 
    "started_on": 1316228432, 
    "total_changes": 551201, 
    "type": "indexer", 
    "updated_on": 1316228461 
    "pid": "<0.1156.0>", 
    "database": "indexer_test_3", 
    "design_document": "_design/test", 
    "progress": 21, 
    "started_on": 1316229336, 
    "type": "view_compaction", 
    "updated_on": 1316229352 
    "pid": "<0.1303.0>", 
    "replication_id": "1447443f5d0837538c771c3af68518eb+create_target",
    "checkpointed_source_seq": 17333, 
    "continuous": false, 
    "doc_write_failures": 0, 
    "docs_read": 17833, 
    "docs_written": 17833, 
    "missing_revisions_found": 17833, 
    "progress": 3, 
    "revisions_checked": 17833, 
    "source": "http://fdmanana.iriscouch.com/indexer_test/", 
    "source_seq": 551202, 
    "started_on": 1316229471, 
    "target": "indexer_test", 
    "type": "replication", 
    "updated_on": 1316230082 

The progress field is an integer in the range 0 to 100. The values for the fields started_on and updated_on corresponds to unix timestamps.

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