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Translator Invitation Process

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The CouchDB translation team exists of committers and non-committers. This document describes how to invite a non-committer. Attracting new translators can be made through various ways. Basically, the translators should show their interest of joining the team through the l10n@couchdb.apache.org mailing-list. Unless there is a very good reason, nothing speaks against inviting her. Here are the steps needed to let a new translator join the team. Lets say Penny Morgan wants to join the team and translate to Spanish.

Invitation, Confirmation, Announcement

Penny shows her interest to join the translation team via l10n@couchdb.apache.org

wait for her response and check if the three questions are answered.

Penny replied to the invitation

Assuming Penny answered the three questions (especially stating the Apache 2 license with yes)

Announce Penny on the l10n@couchdb.apache.org mailing-list

Now everything is set up and you should announce Penny as a new translator to the team.

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