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= Weekly News =

A guide to preparing the weekly news.


== Rough Notes ==


 * Go through mail-archives for the last week and pull out important threads
   * Just put subjects and shortened link in email?
   * Perhaps do a quick summary too?

JIRA tickets (major/blocker) updated in the last 7 days:


MarkMail search for last week:


Gmail meeting summary search:

to:dev@couchdb.apache.org subject:"Summary of IRC meeting"

Gmail discussion search:

to:dev@couchdb.apache.org after:2013/03/27

''@@ Gmail search for MeltWater reports (so I can archive them as they come in)''

''@@ Gmail search for Google alerts (so I can archive them as they come in)''

Subscribe to Google alerts for the "CouchDB" term. (Weekly or daily?)

Use tag for StackOverflow: