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This page details how Windows binaries are validated and voted on. Any Apache CouchDB committer is free to make a binary package, but they are usually made by the committers. There is an important distinction between regular packages and snapshot packages, namely:

Regular packages may be linked to from the CouchDB website, and promoted alongside the source releases. Snapshot packages are for developers only, and will not be promoted. This distinction ensures that the user community can rely on binary packages corresponding to source releases, and that the developer community can test binary packages while not being obligated to maintain or support them.


Following an official source vote, a Windows binary is created. The procedure for this is documented in INSTALL.Windows and a scripted approach is available in the appropriate branch of glazier, branched and tagged per source release.

After the binary is built, it is then signed and uploaded to the svn repository under /$RELEASE/$VERSION.

Send an email to the dev@ mailing list, requesting feedback on the proposed binaries. This should follow the general CouchDB release procedure for consistency. Ensure you link to the test procedure.


Overall we are interested that the binary is malware free, correctly signed, and digests match, and functionality matches that of the original source tarball.

Giving Feedback on the Binaries

After the source artefact vote is successful, three things must be updated:


If you'd like to help out, let us know on the couchdb-dev mailing list.

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