The steps that to take to implement a new platform are as follows:

* Create a package, e.g. org.apache.ddlutils.platform.informix, and create a platform class (InformixPlatform) in it that inherits from PlatformImplBase

* Add the jdbc driver classname and jdbc subprotocol as constants to the platform class

* Register the platform class in PlatformFactory (including against the driver classname and the subprotocol)

* Create in src/test a file with the appropriate JDBC settings

* Get the datatype tests to run with the these tests, i.e. that they really access the database (though they'll most likely fail)

* Add a model reader and if necessary, a sql builder implementation to the package

* Register the native type mappings in the platform, and override methods in the model reader/sql builder as needed so that the datatype tests run successfully

* Override methods in the model reader and sql builder as needed so that the constraint and alteration tests run successfully

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