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The Derby Overview provided by Jira shows issue counts and reports by component, issue type, developer, etc. Below are some additional reports for use in the Derby Project.

Jira Maintenance Reports

These reports assist with Jira Maintenance and help ensure that other reports are correct. In addition to developers periodically reviewing these reports for accuracy , it is helpful when logging and and updating issues to double check Status, Resolution, Affects Version, Fix Version, Priority, Component, Assignee, and Derby Info fields. Derby relies on community bug review (maintenance by individual developers) to keep Jira up to date.

All relevant Issues

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Fixed Issues with no fix version

just my fixes

Most real Derby issues should have a Fix Version if marked fixed. Some that are external such as jvm issues may not

Open issues with no Component

just my reports

Developers looking for bugs to fix often search on component.

Resolved Issues with no Component

just my fixes

Keeping the component correct for fixed issues helps users searching for fixes and with accurate metrics

Resolved issues that are not closed

just my reports

Reporter or others should confirm the issue was fixed or resolved properly and close

Open Bugs with no Affects Version

just my reports

Affects version is important for differentiating outstanding product defects from those in the trunk and for users searching for defects in Jira

Open, Unassigned Issues With Fix Version

just my reports

If an issue is marked to be fixed in version X but nobody is assigned, maybe the Fix version or Assignee needs adjustment

Open, Unassigned Issues with "Patch Available"

just my reports

Please assign yourself to issues when submitting patches

Unresolved Issues

just my reports

Make sure unresolved issues are still relevant

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Derby Project Reports

Reports to help Derby developers manage Jira Issues, patches, release notes, regression tests, etc.

Jira Overview

Jira's Built In Overview of the project

Open Issues With Patches Available

Patches submitted by derby developers awaiting review/commit. It is good to watch the aging on these patches to encourage contributors

Regression Test Failures

It is important to keep regression tests running cleanly. Ideally all known Regression Test Failures will be assigned

Newcomer Issues

Issues that might be appropriate for new developers. See also ForNewDevelopers

Changes with Existing Application Impact

These are changes that have been made or are proposed in the product that may have an unexpected impact on existing user applications

Open Product Regressions

Known outstanding regressions in the product.

Issues Needing Release Notes

Issues needing a release note in an upcoming release

Derby open code bugs

All open code bugs including the trunk

Derby Open code bugs by Component

All open code bugs including the trunk grouped by component

Open Critical/Blocker Issues

These are the critical issues that might hold up a release

Popular Issues

Issues that derby-users want fixed.

Open Improvement and New Feature Requests

All outstanding product improvement requests. (Does not include build and test)

Open Security Issues

Known Security Issues and improvement requests

Open Performance Issues

Known performance issues and improvement requests

Open Tasks and Subtasks

Miscellaneous tasks. Often serious bugs are hiding here.

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