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||Sanity Testing and Voting ||2012-10-22 through 2012-11-15|| ||Sanity Testing and Voting ||2012-11-01 through 2012-11-15||

Table of Contents

10.8.3 Release Summary

Derby 10.8.3 is a maintenance release.

Release Manager

Kathey Marsden

Bug Fixing and backporting

2012-9-12 through 2012-10-31

Draft Release Notes circulated

2011-10-19 (done)

Release candidate


Sanity Testing and Voting

2012-11-01 through 2012-11-15

Target Release Date

November 15, 2012

Release-tracking JIRA


10.8.3 Work

The following work is planned for 10.8.3. Note that this is not a contract. The contents of 10.8.3 may shift as development proceeds. No features planned that need documentation or buddy testing as this is a maintenance release


  • (./) - Done.

  • /!\ - Needs buddy testing.

  • X-( - Needs documentation and buddy testing.

10.8.3 Backports

It would be good to backport fixes in trunk to 10.8 where appropriate. 10.8 backports for this release are being tracked under DERBY-5923

10.8.3 Bug Fixes

We will put some effort into fixing bugs on the following lists:

To see the issues that have already been fixed on the branch for the release click here

10.8.3 Testing

Testing details can be found on the following pages:

List other testing here:



Additional Tests


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