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||First release candidate posted || target: 2013-08-19 ||
||Sanity Testing and Voting || 2013-08-20-2013-09-16 ||
||First release candidate posted || target: 2013-08-21 ||
||Sanity Testing and Voting || 2013-08-21-2013-09-16 ||

Table of Contents

10.10.2 Release Summary

Derby 10.10.2 is a maintenance release..

Release Manager


Bug Fixing and backporting

2013-05-15 - 2013-08-15

Draft Release Notes Circulated


First release candidate posted

target: 2013-08-21

Sanity Testing and Voting


Target Release Date

Sept 2013

Release-tracking JIRA


Release Notes

(link TBD, will point to 10.10 branch)

10.10.2 Work

It would be good to back port fixes in trunk to 10.10 where appropriate. Note that this is not a contract. The contents of 10.10.2 will shift as development proceeds. Note that no features are planned that need documentation nor buddy testing as this is a maintenance release.

10.10.2 backports for this release will being tracked in a JIRA issue DERBY-6218

10.10.2 Bug Fixes

We will put some effort into fixing bugs on the following lists:

10.10.2 Backporting

Consider backporting bug fixes from trunk to 10.10 or label derby_backport_reject_10_10

Bug Fixes not Backported to 10.10

10.10.2 Testing

Testing details can be found on the following pages:

List other testing here:




Additional Tests






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