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10.3.2 Release Summary

Derby 10.3.2 is a maintenance release focussed on bug fixing

Release Manager

Kathey Marsden

Release Candidate


Target Release Date


Actual Release Date (


10.3.2 Bug Fixing

Content for the Release

Fixes Committed

Bug Fix Candidates

Derby Open Code Bugs


10.3.2 Testing


List other testing here:

Did some ad-hoc testing in embedded mode using Sun's jdk14 on Windows XP and didn't find any issues(Dec 3rd 2007) - Mamta I Did some ad-hoc testing of demos and scripts(bin and frameworks) with the bin distribution, and built with the src distribution. Also ran a small LDAP test. Found no issues. - Myrna, 12/06/07.

Did some ad-hoc testing of the eclipse plugins. Found no issues. - Kathey 12/07/2007

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