Derby documentation development

Derby's documentation is developed using a similar process to that used for the code:

At what point should I expect to see a committed change appear on the master web site?

The doc build happens around 9-10 each night, but then it involves two uncoordinated syncs before it shows up on the public website. The first occurs at 10:30, but because it takes a while and because the next sync from to the server that hosts occurs every two hours and depending on where it hits in relation to the other sync, it can actually be as late as 2 in the morning before all the changes from the nightly build show up at (Note: these times are Pacific timezone)

Unless you're up that late, I'd just check on it the next day.

I got an error in my doc build, "cannot move reftemp to ref"

You're probably using Ant 1.6.4, which has a bug in its "move" task. Upgrade to Ant 1.6.5.

How do I name my new DITA file?

Many of the existing DITA source files have names like "rtoolsijcomref39198.dita". These "numeric names" were generated during the original conversion of the previous HTML documentation into DITA format. In new pages, we try to give the files more general and descriptive names, such as "rtoolsijcomrefshow.dita", which conceptually means "Reference TOOLS IJ COMmand REFerence SHOW command.dita".

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