To execute various queries, Derby generates Java classes on the fly, then executes that generated code.

To study a particular Derby issue, you may find yourself wanting to view that generated code. For example, DERBY-2352 involves understanding what code is generated for various expressions. DERBY-739 is another example.

Here's a simple technique that will allow you to view the generated code:

Some other information about generated class files is documented here:

A shell script for using the 'jode' decompiler

This shell script may prove useful if you are using the 'jode' decompiler to view the generated class file's code:

# Run the jode decompiler on a class. E.g.:
# runjode acf81e0010x011cxddd8xfcabx0000000feab00


. setupClasspath

export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:$SW/javaDecompilers/jode/jode-1.1.2-pre1.jar:.


mkdir org
mkdir org/apache
mkdir org/apache/derby
mkdir org/apache/derby/exe

cp $classStub.class org/apache/derby/exe/

#java -cp $CLASSPATH jode.decompiler.Main --help $*
java -cp $CLASSPATH jode.decompiler.Main org.apache.derby.exe.$classStub

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