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What is Derby?

Derby is a relational database implemented completely in Java. It has a small footprint that allows it to be easily embedded into any Java application, disappearing from view and requiring no DBA administration. It also supports the more familiar client/server access model.

The best place to get started with Derby is to visit the Derby home page. For questions about Derby, subscribe to the Derby mail lists. However, keep in mind that this wiki site provides tons of useful information (updated almost daily) for both users and contributors. For example, you can start by checking out:

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Information for Derby Users

Latest Release Information

Patch release Derby was released on March 11, 2019. You can download it here and you can read more about the release on the DerbyTenFifteenOneRelease wiki page.

For previous releases of Derby, please refer to the download page.

Next Release Information

The community is working on the next feature release, described here: DerbyTenSixteenOneRelease

Learning material and other references

Do you want to learn more about how to use Derby? Curious about who is actually using Derby, or which software products are supporting Derby? Check out these links, and don't hesitate to add something if you think it is missing from the wiki lists.

Nice to know...

Some useful information about Derby.

Information for Derby Contributors

Derby Development - All Welcome!

Learn how to get or stay involved in Derby's development including information on how Derby works, how patches are committed, projects needing work, etc.

Misc Developer Info

General Information on the Derby Project

General Wiki Information

Interesting starting points

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