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This is quoted from [http://www.schwer.us/journal/2005/09/04/subversion-backing-out-a-committed-change/ this blog] This is quoted from [[http://www.schwer.us/journal/2005/09/04/subversion-backing-out-a-committed-change/|this blog]]

This is quoted from this blog

You just committed a change to the repository and now you realize it was a mistake; how do you back your changes out in the working copy and recommit the corrected version?

Easy; use the merge subcommand which can create and apply a diff between two revisions.

Say the oops code lies in version 198 and you want to back your changes out to version 197, then use merge like so:

svn merge -r198:197 myfile.java

Notice how the is from 198 to 197, so the changes will be backed out.

Now commit the corrected version back in to the repository:

svn commit -m ‘Backed out that nasty divide by zero…’

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