Google Summer of Code Project - Add JMX to Derby

This is the Wiki page for the Google Summer of Code Project to add JMX to Derby

Mentor: David Van Couvering, Sun Microsystems

Student: Sanket Sharma, Masters in Computer Applications


"JMX for Derby Project" is about adding monitoring and management extensions to Apache Derby using Java Monitoring and Management Extensions (JMX) API.

Apache Derby is a lightweight, embedded, relational database developed purely in Java. Due to its "embedded" nature, Derby has some very interesting uses. Derby can be embedded inside server frameworks like Geronimo etc or can be used as a stand alone server using the Network server framework. However, some of the most interesting uses of Derby are when Derby is embedded inside the application, sharing the same JVM as the application.

Despite of this great flexibility Derby does not have any mature monitoring or management features that developers and users can use to view vital statistics about Derby or even fine tune Derby to adapt to changing application needs and environment.

The project aims at developing monitoring and management capabilities for Derby using Java Management Extensions (JMX). Once developed, a user or developer will be able to view critical statistics about Derby and tune system accordingly, from outside the application and without writing any extra code!

Design and Implementation Plan/Thoughts

The requirements have been fixed and we are in the design phase! The high level design document can be viewed here: High Level Design


The requirement specifications document is up on the Wiki for discussion!

We request you to submit your version of priorities for identified features - the order in which you would like the features to be implemented. Features which have higher priority will be the first to be implemented.

To add your version of priorities, add a column to the requirements table. The column should contain your name as the heading and priorities should be listed in rows below. Note that you may rank on a scale of 0-4. 0 being most crucial while 4 being the least.

The document can be accessed here: Requirement Specifications for Monitoring & Management Extensions using JMX

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