Derby SQL Language System


Compilation Flow

  1. LanguageParse: Parser generates QueryTree from SQL statement text.

  2. LanguageBind: Bind phase checks semantics.

  3. LanguageOptimize: Optimization modifies QueryTree.

  4. LanguageGenerate: Generate Java byte code for execution.

Data Structure Notes

  1. DataTypeDescriptor

  2. TypeCompiler

  3. types package JavaDoc

  4. StatementCache: Derby caches prepared statements to avoid unnecessary re-preparation.

JDBC Hookup


For the lifetime of the execution, either until the ResultSet is closed, or the executeUpdate() call returns, the Statement has a one-to-one relationship with a single use Activation. Once the statement is complete the activation will be closed.

java.sql.PreparedStatement & CallableStatement

The application's JDBC PreparedStatement or CallableStatement has a one-to-one relationship with an Activation. The Activation maintains the state of the execution including parameters and linkage to the shared statement plan.


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