Checklist for adding a new JDK for Derby Code, Tests and Build

This page collects a list of changes that may be needed when adding a new JDK version, e.g. java 8 or a new vendor or platform. This is a work in progress and is not at this time complete. Of course additional changes will be required to use new functionality, but this is a working list of just what is required to get all the versions reporting correctly and tests to pass. Changes are broken into three categories, derby code, derby tests, derby docs and derby build.

Derby Code

Below are the changes are needed with a major version upgrade. Typically there are not changes needed in the Derby code for a new vendor, but of course only the tests will tell.

Derby Test

Below are the changes needed for running Derby tests with a new JDK version or vendor:

Derby Docs

As support for a new JDK is adopted, the user docs need adjusting.

Derby Build

Below are the changes needed to build with a new JDK version or vendor:

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