Advice on developing and submitting patches

Some advice on what makes a good patch submission, thus more likely to be committed quickly. A summary would be: communicate, communicate, communicate!

General Patch Advice

Advice for every patch, even popular issues with a queue of developers waiting to review.

Extra Mile Patch Advice - Driving Your Patch to Commit

If you find you are still having trouble getting your patch reviewed, the following additional steps can help get your patch reviewed and then committed. For better or worse, in the open source environment, the truth is often you have to market your patch and drive it through the process.

  1. Post to the list at least every couple of weeks if you don't get review. Ask if someone is available to look at your patch and what additional information reviewers might need for review.
  2. If you are new to the project, call that out and indicate that you have filed your ICLA.
  3. Point out attractive or interesting features of your patch like new test cases covered, user scenarios that will benefit or may be impacted, relationships to other Jira issues, etc. This will get the attention of those who might not otherwise review.
  4. Run derbyall and suites.All and include your test results. Then reviewers know the review is probably smooth sailing and not a big time committment.
  5. Keep your patch up to date and ready for anyone who might be willing to pick it up to review.
  6. If you get no response from the list, encourage other developers you know and see on IRC or elsewhere to try out or review the patch. Don't focus on just committers. The committer is the last reviewer but ideally is not the first.
  7. Review or try out patches submitted by others. Somebody might review your patch in turn. This is also good for your accumulated merit and a great learning opportunity.
  8. Perform PatchListMaintenance, so the list is small and your patch stands out.

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