Derby maintains a Patch List of available patches so that developers in the community can quickly see what patches are available and ready for review. Open issues with the "Patch Available" checkbox marked show up on this list. Developers wanting a patch reviewed for either commit or even just for early feedback check this box to get the attention of the community and uncheck it when review is no longer needed because of patch rework in progress or commit.

Ideally the patch available list is a small, frequently changing list of patches that are ready for review. To maintain this list we rely on distributed maintenance by developers who ask for review by checking the box and those doing reviews. Patch Contributors and reviewers please.

  1. Check the box when you want review.
  2. Make sure you are assigned to the issue if the box is checked. (You can unassign yourself later or create a subtask if you don't plan to address the full issue.)
  3. Uncheck the box when you no longer need review because of commit or because you need to make patch changes or are just abandoning the patch.
  4. Heed the PatchAdvice Wiki page to make the patch easy to review. This will keep the list moving.

Reviewers and the general community can make periodic passes of the list to find issues to review. In addition to improving the quality of the product, reviewing patches and keeping the list small with fast throughput will help the community grow and become more diverse. General maintenance also makes the list a more useful tool. Like your mother said, leaving the list a little cleaner than you found it is normally all that is necessary.

Check the following:

Are all your submitted patches ready for review?

Check your patches to make sure they are ready and you heeded the PatchAdvice. If they are not, uncheck the "Patch Available" box

Are there patches that you would like to review or try

Check the Patch List by component to see if there are issues of interest to you and review or just try them out

Are there aging patches that need attention?

Check the Patch List for patches that are over 2 weeks old. Comment on the Jira issue if it looks like the patch is no longer relevant, if you think more information is required for review, or if you think the patch needs attention from someone familiar with a particular area

Are all patches for Assigned issues?

Check the Patch List by Owner to see if there are Unassigned issues and inquire why they are unassigned

Are there patches that are out of date?

Check some of the older patches and see if they can be applied. Comment on the issue if the the patch can no longer be applied

Are there stale patches that need to be removed?

Check the Patch List for issues that clearly no longer belong there and uncheck the box. For instance patches already commited should not be on the list.

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