The contest was extended until the end of the final vote and approval of a 10.2 release. Voting for ended successfully October 5th, and the 10.2 Regression Search and Destroy Contest is thereby closed. Judges will announce the winners shortly.

The Derby 10.2 Regression Search and Destroy Contest is a contest to help ensure a smooth transition for users who are migrating to 10.2 and help achieve Derby's Forward Compatiblity goal: to to allow any application written against the public interfaces of an older version of Derby to run, without any changes, against a newer version of Derby.

Contest entries can be anything to help ease transition of existing applications to 10.2. Winners will be:

The Rules

1. Valid contest entries are any action that exposes or resolves existing regressions, improves Derby compatibility with previous releases, or improves our documentation of known differences in 10.2. Below are a few examples:

2. Bugs filed against or fixed for new functionality does not count for the contest but are of course welcome.

3. Three winners are chosen by impartial judge(s) based on entries completed by the end of the final vote and approval of a 10.2 Release Candidate.. Stan Bradbury, Rajesh Kartha and John Embretsen are our judges and can meet on #derby IRC after September 15 to discuss who the winners are.

4. The winners get organic chocolate and of course glory, kudos and huge amounts of merit. (Contribution of other prizes is welcome, but wouldn't want to make the stakes so high the lawyers need get involved).

Ideas and Low Hanging Fruit

There are lots of ways to enter the contest, help ease upgrade and of course just make a better quality 10.2. Below are some ideas.

How to Enter

First download 10.2 beta and try it.

You are automatically entered in the contest if you add your application testing results to TenTwoApplicationTesting. Please list a summary of your other entries below if you would like to enter yourself or someone else in the contest.


Task that contributed to a seamless upgrade to 10.2


Found/Fixed Regressions DERBY-1681, DERBY-1866. Fixed DERBY-1633, DERBY-1315, DERBY-1777

Prasenjit Sarkar

Found Regression DERBY-1633, DERBY-1777, DERBY-1806?

Knut Anders Hatlen

Found/Fixed regression DERBY-1586

Daniel Debrunner

Identified existing bugs as regressions: DERBY-1554, DERBY-1315, DERBY-1687

Dag H. Wanvik

Found/Fixed regression DERBY-1252

Yip Ng

Fixed regression DERBY-1554, DERBY-1621, DERBY-1652. Fixed DERBY-939

Andrew McIntyre

Fixed regression DERBY-1619 and DERBY-1687

Click here for a report of product regressions that have been updated since the contest began 7/17/2006. Not all qualify but this is a good report to use to find entries if folks don't add themselves

Note: This contest was inspired by the Mustang Regression challenge.

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