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Requirement Specifications for Monitoring and Management Extensions using JMX

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1. Revision History
2. Disclaimer and Legal Information
3. About this document

4. Assumptions and Dependencies
5. Requirement Analysis

6. Requirements Identified

7. References

1. Revision History


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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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3. About this Document

3.1. Purpose

3.2. Intended Audience

3.3. Notations and Conventions

3.4. Structure of this document

3.5. A Note about Ranking

4. Assumptions and Dependencies

5. Requirement Analysis

5.1. Overview

5.2. Current Scenario

5.2.1. Embedded Instance

5.2.2. Embedded inside a server framework

5.2.3. Network Server

5.3. Conclusion

6. Requirements Identified

6.1. Overview

The requirements identified are for the core Derby engine and do not take into consideration any special requirements for a specific case.

6.2. Proposed Features

Some of these attributes or features may lack sufficient detail at the moment, but these details will be worked out as the work progresses.

6.3. Remote VS. Local

6.4. Conclusion

7.0 References

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