This is an appendix to the overall Derby release instructions found here: DerbySnapshotOrRelease

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In essence a snapshot differs from a full release (feature, or bug fix release) in the following ways:

  1. A snapshot is an alpha or beta distribution cut from the trunk, while a release (candidate) is supposed to be a full-fledged, upgradeable distribution, and likely cut from a branch.
  2. You don't have to polish the release notes for snapshots.
  3. For snapshots, the vetting cycle is shorter and the community is willing to tolerate regressions and serious bugs in the interests of garnering early feedback.
  4. Snapshots don't necessarily include everything included in a full release, for example demos, plugins etc.
  5. Snapshots are placed in a different location:
    • It's a good idea, once the snapshot has appeared on the site, to announce to derby-dev and derby-user that the new snapshot has been posted so interested testers can grab it.

Making a (private) Quick Build of Release Artifacts

Sometimes it is useful for a Derby developer to build a private version of the release artifacts (archives), for example to verify modifications made to the structure of a specific release distribution (-bin, -lib, -lib-debug, -src, etc.).

For example, when adding a new demo or changing which files gets included in certain subdirectories of a -bin distribution, reviewing generated release artifacts is often the only way to verify that modifications made to the build scripts are correct (of course, having a developer with knowledge of the build scripts and experience with the release building process review the patch thoroughly would help as well).

Note that this section describes only a small subset of the steps needed to build a real Apache Derby release. The generated artifacts are suitable for private testing purposes only.

To build a set of release artifacts that is suitable for reviewing the file structure of a release, among other things, do the following steps (extracted from the full release procedure description above):

  1. Check out (or update) the source tree from which you want to build release artifacts, for example
  2. Make sure you are able to build the code jars the regular way, as described in BUILDING.html

  3. Check out (or update) the corresponding documentation tree, for example
  4. Build the documentation (all) as described on the web site

  5. Copy tools/ant/properties/packaging.tmpl to tools/ant/properties/ and modify as necessary (see details above). The important thing here is to include a pointer to your doc build, for example:

    • docs.out=/export/home/tmp/user/docTrunk/trunk/out
  6. Include the following in your file (for 10.3 or newer), modified to suit your environment:

    • j14lib=/usr/local/java/jdk1.4/jre/lib
      # For 10.4 or newer:
      # For JDBC 4 support
      # If you want Java ME-support:
      #  May not be necessary (?):
      relnotes.src.reports=/home/user/derby/relnotes-reports # empty directory
  7. Ensure that 'sane=true' and 'debug=true' are not present in your, by removing or commenting out those lines if present.

  8. In the top-level directory of the source code tree, do:
    • ant prepareforrelease
      cd tools/release
      ant release

      prepareforrelease will actually do:

      # clean up classes, jars and javadoc:
      rm -rf jars javadoc snapshot                   # clean.
      rm -rf tools/release/crlf/ tools/release/lf/   # clean more.
      rm tools/release/       # really clean.
      rm tools/release/*.zip tools/release/*.tar.gz  # really,
      rm tools/release/*.md5 tools/release/*.asc     # really clean
      ant clobber
      ant sane ; ant all ; ant buildjars   # for lib-debug
      ant clobber
      ant insane
      ant -Dsane=false snapshot

      The release artifacts should now be available as .zip and .tar.gz files in the tools/release/ directory.

      To clean up, run svn stat to see which files don't naturally belong in the repository.

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