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10.1.3 Release Summary

The release vote passed on June 29, 2006 with 15 +1 votes and no zero or negative votes. was announced on July 5. This page is no longer active and will be taken off the Wiki FrontPage. In the end at least 36 developers and testers from at least 3 continents contribued to the release. There were 115 issues fixed, 92 of them bugs. Please try the release !

Outdated release info

The info below is left here for future reference in case someone wants to make a 10.1.4 release. It is no longer current.

Release Manager

Andrew McIntyre

Last day to commit changes

June 9 (complete)

Testing and voting

June 13 - June 29

Voting complete

June 29

Target release date

July 5

Andrew posted the release candidate and it is ready for testing. Please test the release candidate in some way and then add your name to the volunteer list at the bottom of this page. rc2

Release candidate is available for testing. Please try it

Tenative Release Notes

All fixes already in 10.1.3 and marked fixin 10.1.3

10.1.3 Bug Fixing

The Second release candidate has been made and has the following content.

Content for the Release

10.1.3 Fixed Issues

Issues fixed on the 10.1 branch since release: Bug Fixes, Improvements, Tasks, subtasks, and Tests

10.1.3 Open Issues

Issues developers have marked fix in 10.1.3 and plan to fix for the release.

Bug Fix Candidates

Any more fixes that go into the 10.1 branch will still be there for the next snapshot for users to take advantage of, so keep fixing but we are probably at a wrap up point for 10.1.3 fixing.

Select a bug you want to from one of the following lists. Fixes in the 10.1 maintenance branch should be ones that you feel confident are very stable and pose low risk of regression. Not all of the bugs on these lists qualify and need to be evaluated on an individual basis:


See this page for a list of bug fixes that seem suitable to port from the trunk and ideas for high value bug fixes in 10.1. Add your picks to the list!

10.1 Open Code Bugs

Code bugs that affect 10.1

Jira Popular Issues

Look at the Jira Popular issues for bugs users would like to see fixed. Bugs are marked with a red dot

How To Fix a Bug for the 10.1.3 Release

The following work flow can help ensure fixes get committed efficiently.

  1. Pick a bug you want to fix and fix it in the trunk.
  2. Submit your patch for the trunk. Mark the fix version as 10.1.3 if you would like it to go to the 10.1 branch.
  3. Merge the change to 10.1.
    • After your patch has been committed, test your change on the 10.1 branch, submit your 10.1 testing results along with either
    1. The svn command(s) to merge your trunk change to 10.1.
    2. A 10.1 patch if the merge was not automatic.
  4. Mark the issue resolved only after the fix is in both the trunk and 10.1 branch. The fixin fields should be marked as
    • - So that it will be in the bug fix release release notes.
    • 10.1.2.x - As shown by sysinfo on the 10.1 branch
    • 10.2.0.x - As shown by sysinfo on the trunk

Other Ways To Help

If you do not want to make code changes in Derby but still want to help improve the quality of the release and move it along. There are lots of other ways to help.


Thank You 10.1.3 Volunteers

As of June 14, 2006 Jira shows 115 issues (92 bugs)(2 in subtasks) fixed since our last release, Below is a list of folks that contributed to the release including testers. Thanks for all the great contributions!

A B, Anders Morken, Andreas Korneliussen, Andrew McIntyre, Bernt M. Johnsen, Bryan Pendleton, Dag H. Wanvik, David Van Couvering, Daniel John Debrunner, Deepa Remesh, Dyre Tjeldvoll, Fernanda Pizzorno, Halley Pacheco de Oliveira, Jean T. Anderson, Jeff Levitt, Kathey Marsden, Knut Anders Hatlen, Kristian Waagan, Mamta A. Satoor, Manish Khettry, Mayuresh Nirhali, Mike Matrigali, Myrna van Lunteren, Olav Sandstaa, Ole Solberg, Rajesh Kartha, Ramandeep Kaur, Satheesh Bandaram, Sunitha Kambhampati, Suresh Thalamati, Unassigned, Øystein Grøvlen

Add yourself to this list if you have made a contribution to 10.1.3: bug fixing, porting, committing, testing or anything you have done to make 10.1.3 better. Take a break from that feature work on the trunk, do a little something for the release and have an immediate impact on the quality of Derby.

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