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Review the [http://db.apache.org/derby/manuals Latest Alpha Manuals]. Review the [[http://db.apache.org/derby/manuals|Latest Alpha Manuals]].

Please participate in the Derby 10.2 Documentation Review!


Review the Latest Alpha Manuals.

Some guidelines to follow when posting comments are:

  • Try to make clear and concise comments about what you want changed whenever possible. Provide concrete comments that say "Please change <original> to <modified>" instead of generic comments like "This section needs to be rewritten."

  • If you're reviewing the HTML Files copy, include the URL for the page in the review comment. Obtain the URL like this:
    • highlight the topic in the left frame
    • right click
    • choose "Properties"
    • copy and paste the address in the pop up box.
  • If you're reviewing the PDF copy, in the review comment:
    • Include the page number for the PDF, and indicate whether the number is the PDF sheet number or the printed page number.
    • Include the title of the section that the problem occurs in. If it's in a subsection, try to include the hierarchy of titles.
  • Please don't review the HTML Book copy -- it'll be time consuming to match up that copy with the underlying DITA source.


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