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10.2 Release Summary

Derby 10.2 is a feature release providing many bug fixes plus the following big features:

Release Manager

Rick Hillegas

Last day to commit changes

August 10

Testing and voting

August 14 - October 6

Target release date

October 11

Please download the 10.2 release and test it out. Note that there are four different distributions:

The 10.2 release is available from the Derby download page. Please try it

Snapshot wiki

Beta description.

10.2 Bug Fixing and Features

Content for the release

The state of the 10.2 branch is described at the end of this wiki page in the section titled "Patches to Exclude".

10.2 Fixed issues

Issues fixed in 10.2 that are not in the release. RESOLVE: It is not currently possible to generate standard reports or release notes from Jira with just the 10.2 fixes. This is related to the practice of marking Fix Version of 10.2 for issues fixed in earlier releases.

Open Assigned 10.2 issues

10.2 issues that developers plan to fix for 10.2. Please unassign yourself or change the fix version if these won't make 10.2

Bug Fix Candidates

Reviewers and committers: please take a look at the list of available 10.2 patches.

Currently, 10.2 bug fixes go into the mainline. On August 10 we plan to cut a branch. From that time onward, we will need to port fixes from the mainline into the 10.2 branch.

It would be great if we could march through the Open 10.2 issues in urgency order: If you see any issues that look like they cannot be reasonably be fixed for 10.2, change the Fix Version. If you see unassigned issues that are good candidates for 10.2, change the Fix Version to 10.2.

Open Blocker 10.2 Issues

Unnassigned Blockers

Blocker urgency, must be fixed for 10.2

Open Urgent 10.2 Issues

Unassigned Urgent Issues

Urgent urgency, must be fixed for 10.2

Open Normal 10.2 Issues

Unnassigned Normal issues

Normal urgency, stretch goals for 10.2

Open Low Urgency 10.2 Issues

Unassigned Low Urgency Issues

Issues that have been marked as high value candidates for 10.2 but are not release sensitive

Here are views of the issues based on severity:

Open 10.2 Issues

Issues marked to be fixed in 10.2, sorted by priority.

Critical/blocker Issues

Potential critical/blocker issues

All Open Code Bugs

All open bugs regardless of whether they are marked to be fixed in 10.2.

Jira Popular Issues

Look at the Jira Popular issues for bugs users would like to see fixed. Bugs are marked with a red dot

Fixing The Apache License Header

DERBY-1377 is tracking the task to fix the Apache license headers in all our source files. This is required by Apache for the 10.2 release. This is no small task. If you want to help with this task, see FixingLicenseHeader

How To Fix a Bug for the 10.2 Release

The following work flow can help ensure fixes get committed efficiently.

  1. Pick a bug you want to fix and fix it in the trunk.
  2. Submit your patch for the trunk.
  3. Mark the issue resolved only after the fix is in the trunk, and has been merged into the 10.2 branch. The fixin fields should be marked as 10.3 and 10.2.1.

10.2 Documentation Issues and Reviews

Please contribute documentation, also:

10.2 Open Documentation Issues

10.2 documentation issues needing attention

All Open Documentation Issues

All documentation issues needing attention

Documentation Review

Where to add review comments on the 10.2 documentation

10.2 Testing

Other Ways To Help

Besides making code changes in Derby, there are lots of other ways to help.


Thank You 10.2 Volunteers

51 so far representing at least 4 continents.

Developers who have contributed 10.2 fixes

A B , Anders Morken , Andreas Korneliussen , Andrew McIntyre , Anurag Shekhar , Bernt M. Johnsen , Bryan Pendleton , Dag H. Wanvik , Daniel John Debrunner , David Van Couvering , Deepa Remesh , Dyre Tjeldvoll , Eric Radzinski , Fernanda Pizzorno , Francois Orsini , Halley Pacheco de Oliveira , Håvard Mork , Jack Klebanoff , Jean T. Anderson , Jeff Levitt , John H. Embretsen , Kathey Marsden , Kim Haase, Knut Anders Hatlen , Kristian Waagan , Lance Andersen , Laura Stewart , Mamta A. Satoor , Manish Khettry , Manjula Kutty , Mathias Herberts , Mayuresh Nirhali , Michelle Caisse , Mike Matrigali , Myrna van Lunteren , Olav Sandstaa , Ole Solberg , Oyvind Bakksjo , Philip Wilder , Rajesh Kartha , Ramandeep Kaur , Rick Hillegas , Satheesh Bandaram , Sunitha Kambhampati , Suresh Thalamati , Susan Cline , Tomohito Nakayama , Unassigned , V.Narayanan , Vemund Østgaard , Yip Ng , Øystein Grøvlen

Additional Contributors

Many Contributions like testing or committing patches don't show up on a JIRA query and need to be added manually. Please add those missed by the fix query.

Henri van de Scheur, Michael Bouschen

Patches to Exclude

Now that we have moved from beta to release candidates, the 10.2 branch control policy has changed. At this time, we want to be cautious about what goes into the branch. No more bulk merges will be done. Instead, we will only hand-port the changes that are absolutely necessary to stabilize the release candidates.

During the beta period, we tried to strike the right balance between rapid bug fixing and branch control. During the the beta period, patches accumulated in the trunk without being ported to the 10.2 branch immediately. On a weekly basis, we bulk merged these patches to the 10.2 branch. However, we had to keep track of the patches which weren't ported. Here are the unported patches:

Subversion Revision



Bump trunk's version number to 10.3


Patch up canons to agree with version bump


Remove upgrade test for 10.1 to 10.2 path


DERBY-1566 Update "SQL error messages and exceptions" section of the Reference Guide with sqlstates and messages in the trunk.


DERBY-801 Allow parallel access to data files.


DERBY-801 Backed out changes for DERBY-733.


Javadoc warning in the 801 code.

All changes on the trunk from the time the 10.2 branch was created and ending with subversion revision 448950 for code and 448988 for documentation (excluding the above) were merged into the 10.2 branch. Bulk merges occurred on August 18, August 25, September 1, September 8, September 15, and September 22, 2006.

Building the Optional JDBC4 Support

Due to licensing restrictions, the 10.2 release does not contain compiled support for JDBC4. Instead, when you run Derby 10.2 on JDK 1.6, you will see Derby's JDBC3 drivers. If you would like to test-drive the JDBC4 drivers, you may build the optional JDBC4 support yourself. Please do the following:

You must use build 99 of the 1.6 JDK in order to build and exercise the JDBC4 drivers in the release.

After the release was generated, the Ease of Development feature was removed from the JDBC4 spec. The Derby trunk and 10.2 branch were updated accordingly. If you obtain the source code from the 10.2 branch at or after subversion revision 453926, the JDBC4 support will compile and run against build 101 or later of the 1.6 VM. That subversion stamp corresponds to the snapshot. To build this state of the 10.2 branch with JDBC4 support, please see the instructions in BUILDING.txt.

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